picture of James Eckler

James Eckler


Building Futures

In May 2024, Marywood University proudly announced the appointment of James Eckler as the interim Dean of the Reap College of Creative and Professional Studies. Known for his visionary leadership in the School of Architecture, Eckler now brings his commitment to educational excellence to a broader arena. His new role, effective July 1, 2024, symbolizes a significant step forward in his distinguished career, reflecting his profound dedication to shaping future leaders and innovators.

James Eckler’s leadership philosophy centers on teamwork and collaboration—qualities he considers crucial for both academic and professional success. "Operating as a leader in a teamwork setting is an imperative skill to develop," Eckler shares, emphasizing the collective effort essential in today's interconnected world.

With a rich background in Architecture and Architectural Pedagogy from the University of Florida, Eckler is well-prepared to guide the Reap College's diverse academic offerings. His expertise in urban space design and architectural education will now enhance the college’s mission to integrate cutting-edge research with practical applications, enriching the academic landscape.

Eckler’s scholarly work, including two influential books and numerous papers, underscores his role as a thought leader who adeptly addresses complex challenges with creative solutions. His leadership is set to inspire a new era of academic rigor and innovation at the Reap College, where theoretical insights are seamlessly woven into real-world applications.

Explore the future of creative and professional studies at Marywood University under the capable guidance of James Eckler, where innovative thinking is not just taught but lived. Join us in this transformative journey, where students are prepared to make meaningful impacts in their chosen fields.