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Planning a Five-Year Path Is Possible for this Aspiring Physician Assistant decorative arrow

Aiyanna Jean ’26 chose Marywood because of its strong reputation in her desired field of Biology, the beautiful campus environment, and the personalized attention Marywood offers to each student.

"What continues to set Marywood apart from other schools is the close-knit community that fosters meaningful relationships with both professors and fellow students,” said Jean. “As a student, the small class sizes allow for more individualized instruction and support, which has greatly contributed to my academic success and personal growth.”

Since enrolling at Marywood, Jean has achieved several milestones that hold special meaning to her. These achievements include earning a spot on the Dean’s List each semester, serving as a representative for the Class of 2026, taking on leadership of the Global Unity Club, volunteering in our community, and fostering unity among students of diverse backgrounds.

Jean has also participated as a mentor in the Marywood STARS program and considers it one of the most defining experiences of her time here so far. Sharing her own experiences and challenges helps her to provide guidance to students that goes beyond textbooks.

"Being entrusted with the responsibility of guiding and supporting first-generation Latinx youth in their pursuit of higher education was an honor that deeply impacted both my personal growth and educational journey,” said Jean.

In her five-year plan, Jean aims to complete Marywood’s Physician Assistant (PA) program and become a certified physician assistant. She credits the PA program as being significant to her success.

"Marywood University is instrumental in my journey," said Jean. "The PA program offers a robust education, practical experiences, and a supportive network. Through its hands-on approach and emphasis on community engagement, Marywood is preparing me to excel in the healthcare field and make a meaningful impact on patients' lives."

Jean also credits Marywood's donors and financial aid department for making her dream of attaining an education a reality.

"Expressing my gratitude to the generous donors at Marywood would extend beyond a simple thank you," said Jean. "I would like to convey how their unwavering support has been instrumental in shaping my educational experience and empowering me to pursue my aspirations. Their investment in my future has ignited a sense of responsibility to give back and make a positive difference, just as they have done for me."

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