Affordable College Tuition

The cost of attending Marywood University includes both direct costs and indirect costs.

Direct costs are those that you will be billed for like tuition, fees, and room and board. 

Indirect costs such as rent for an off-campus apartment, books, or transportation to campus are all associated with going to college but will never appear on your bill from the University Student Accounts Office

Our indirect costs used in the cost of attendance are based on the typical expenses of a Marywood University student. Your indirect costs may vary from these averages.

Employer and MOU Agreements

Marywood offers a variety of Employer and Memorandum of Understanding Agreements for you to advance your career in the workplace.

Students who wish to receive benefits must complete the Employment Verification Form for Tuition Discounts Form by the add/drop date of the term they are applying for — usually two weeks into the semester, on an annual basis.

Please consult the academic calendar for that date.

It is the student's responsibility to provide all required information and documents as outlined in the agreement.

Industry / Business / School Areas of Study & Agreements Applications & Verifications
Catholic Schools of Broome County Graduate Education Programs Verification
Catholic Social Services of the Diocese of Scranton Any of the University's Degree-Granting Programs Verification
Children's Service Center Discount Any of the University's Graduate Degree-Granting Programs Verification
Criminal Justice Industry Master of Criminal Justice (Online) Verification
Diocese of Scranton Full-time Teachers Graduate Programs Verification
Friendship House Master of Social Work Verification
Lackawanna College Master of Social Work or Master of Business Administration See Your Admissions Counselor
LeadingAge Undergraduate & Graduate Programs Verification
Marywood Heights Undergraduate & Graduate Programs Verification
MyCILACES$ Master of Business Administration Verification
MyCILACES$ Master of Health Services Administration Verification
MyCILACES$ Master of Social Work Verification
NativityMiguel School of Scranton Most Undergraduate & Graduate Programs See Your Admissions Counselor
Penn Foster Master of Business Administration Verification
United Neighborhood Centers of NEPA Master of Social Work Verification