picture of Lilli Millon

Lilli Millon


Bridging Art, Education, and Community

Lilli Millon is an art educator, illustrator, and designer whose profound impact on the Marywood University community and beyond showcases a remarkable blend of creativity, dedication, and educational leadership. Her academic foundation is as robust as it is inspiring. A proud 2022  Marywood graduate with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in illustration, Millon further enriched her education with a double minor in graphic design and art history. Currently, she is navigating her second year in Marywood’s Master of Fine Arts program, further deepening her expertise and artistic vision.

Millon serves as the graphic design graduate assistant in the Marketing Department at Marywood University, where she works under the mentorship of Art Director Carrie Bowen Toomey. This role has seen her contribute to a wide array of projects that span designing eye-catching posters and pamphlets for campus concerts, including the notable opera pamphlet for The Magic Flute, to crafting the Presidential Christmas card and illustrating New Year's greetings for the Advancement office. Her artistic prowess has also led to the creation of Marywood icons, advertisements for key university campaigns, and engaging artwork for Marywood's social media platforms.

“Watching Lilli weave her unique Illustration style into her Marywood projects and our brand has been a joy," said Toomey. Her style not only enriches our campus and community but also serves as a beacon of inspiration for aspiring artists. She also fits perfectly into the culture of our office. She is an important part of our Marketing family and makes us better because of her presence and work ethic."


The relationship between Toomey and Millon transcends the typical mentor-mentee dynamic, blossoming into a profound partnership rooted in mutual respect and a shared passion for the arts. Recognizing Millon's exceptional talent and dedication early on, Toomey provided a nurturing environment that has been instrumental in refining Millon's skills and expanding her creative vision. Their collaborations on various projects not only highlight Millon's evolving artistry, but also underscore the significant impact of mentorship in shaping the trajectories of emerging artists.

Even before her mentorship with Toomey, Millon was broadening her horizons and deepening her understanding of art's diverse applications. Her professional journey actually began with a formative internship at "We Talk Shirty," a T-Shirt company in Dickson City, PA. This early experience, where she refined her graphic design skills in a dynamic, real-world environment, laid a solid foundation for her future. Millon’s commitment to expanding her artistic perspective took her from the historic sites of Italy to the vibrant communities of Ghana. During these travels, she not only immersed herself in the rich tapestry of local cultures but also actively engaged in the arts through service learning, teaching and leaving a lasting impact through a mural she created at Mary Queen of Peace Elementary School in Ghana. These experiences enriched Millon's global outlook on art, setting the stage for her future collaborations and contributions to the art world.

Millon's passion for education extends to her current role as the art teacher at NativityMiguel School in Scranton, PA, where she educates 5th to 8th graders, runs the after-school art program, and organizes the yearly art show. Moreover, as an Adjunct Professor at Marywood University, she teaches 2D Design and Color, bringing her professional insights into the classroom and guiding students through the complexities of visual design and color theory.

"In the heart of every moment lies the potential for extraordinary creation. This ethos, beautifully articulated by Millon herself, 'Life is short, do anything and everything, always have courage, be kind, and stay creative,' perfectly encapsulates her own philosophy. As a visionary at Marywood University, Millon harnesses this spirit daily, channeling boundless energy into her pursuits of becoming an illustrator."

Millon is a dynamic force, weaving together her talents as an artist, educator, and mentor. Her journey from an ambitious Fine Arts student to a promising master's candidate, coupled with her significant aesthetic contributions to both Marywood University and the broader educational landscape, illustrates her commitment to nurturing artistic talent and appreciation in students of all backgrounds. Millon's story demonstrates the transformative power of a Marywood education and highlights her unwavering commitment to inspire the next generation of artists and designers. 

To view Millon’s portfolio, visit https://lillimmillon12.myportfolio.com/.