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Tony Rodriguez


Tony Rodriguez, MFA '14 Finds Success as a Digital Illustrator

Tony Rodriguez, MFA ’14 has been extremely busy following his recent graduation from Marywood. Tony and his wife, Amanda, married and moved to Tampa, Florida, where he began teaching online foundation courses for Rocky Mountain College of Art & Design (RMCAD), Colorado. In addition to teaching at RMCAD, Tony also teaches life drawing classes at The Well, a non-profit organization that provides social services and adult education. He has had multiple article illustrations published in the New Yorker, The Boston Globe, Nurant Magazine, Milk X Magazine, Code Computer Love, The Independent News, Noam Chomsky, and MTV, including his most recent work “Beach Boys, Love and Mercy.”

Tony’s work as a digital illustrator infuses flat color with bold line to convey a sense of spontaneity and simplicity. Although the art is created digitally, it has the look of traditional pen and ink gestural and expressionistic drawing. Tony’s work has been exhibited at Studio 1212 Art Gallery, The Plainsmen Gallery, Wandering Star Gallery, Firehouse Gallery, and HBS Studios.

“Although teaching is not what I set out to do with my art, I enjoy teaching, and it’s exciting to pass my knowledge onto others,” said Tony.

Tony credits Lisa Cyr, lecturer in the Master of Fine Arts program at Marywood, with giving him the foundation he needed to succeed outside the classroom. Ms. Cyr regularly lectures about successful promotion strategies, marketing opportunities and entrepreneurial endeavors for the creative industry.

“I didn’t expect the successes that I achieved to have happened so quickly, but I’m excited about each of the opportunities and look forward to the future of my work,” said Tony.

For more information on Tony Rodriguez and his work, visit tonyrodriguezillustration.com, or contact Tony’s illustration representative, Katherine Moore, at kate@sullivanmoore.com.