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Frank Kelleher

Frank Kelleher '03, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at International Speedway Corporation, Daytona Beach, Florida

Prior to graduating from Marywood University, Frank Kelleher planned on working in his family-owned garage and car dealership. But, for Mr. Kelleher, the path that he planned led him on a different route. While taking classes at Marywood, he was also working at his family’s business and competing in auto racing. It was during competitive racing that Mr. Kelleher was able to network and ultimately intern for the International Speedway Corporation (ISC) in Daytona Beach, Florida, in 2002. The internship opened his eyes to professional motor sports, where, upon graduation in 2003 with a bachelor of business administration in retail management degree, he was hired as an account coordinator for ISC.

An internship changed the trajectory of Mr. Kelleher’s career and afforded him the opportunity to find his passion. He said, “I advise anyone in college to get as many internships as possible, as employers are more likely to hire someone they have worked with and who has a base understanding of the organization.”

Crediting Marywood for providing an environment that pushes collaboration and teamwork in and out of the classroom, Mr. Kelleher sees the similarities between the Marywood model and the modern work force. He said, “Thanks to the collaborative approach of my classes at Marywood, I was able to learn time management and how to communicate and be flexible with teammates, especially given that students were busy with sports, classes, community initiatives, etc.” The Marywood model “is very similar to the work force, as you are in conferences and meetings with others and working toward a common goal. Marywood taught me how to be vulnerable and real with people,” he continued.

For Mr. Kelleher, choosing to attend Marywood was deeply rooted in a family legacy, which includes aunts, cousins, and his sister. He credits his sister, Kimberly Kelleher Vitaletti ’02, for always pushing and championing for him to succeed in school. He joked, “Without my sister, Kim, I don’t know that I would have succeeded with scheduling classes and registering for the semester.”

Mr. Kelleher has been working at ISC since his graduation from Marywood University in 2003. He has been promoted several times, and his positions have included: Account Coordinator; Account Executive, Partnership Marketing; Account Manager, Partnership Marketing; Manager, Partnership Sales; Director, Partnership Marketing; Senior Director, Marketing Partnerships and Media; and Vice President of Sales and Marketing.

In his current position as Vice President of Sales and Marketing at ISC, Mr. Kelleher oversees the 100+ million dollar corporate partnerships and media business, which entails building relationships and creating value for ISC partners. He directs a team of 25 who are responsible for prospecting, selling, renewing, activating, creating concepts, and executing events. In addition, Mr. Kelleher manages the ISC brand, event and consumer marketing, directs the sales, marketing, and experiential elements of ISC’s real estate developments. He also is responsible for leading strategy and sales against the recently announced $178+ million modernization of Phoenix Raceway. 

Mr. Kelleher resides in Daytona Beach, Florida, with his wife, Lauren, and their two children.


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