picture of Nick Arcarese

Nick Arcarese


A Legacy By Design

If you’ve spent any time walking, biking, or driving around the Marywood University campus, chances are you’ve seen Nick Arcarese’s work. His art, an incandescent style which fuses smart concepts with creative, detailed, and sometimes bold designs, has a way of catching people’s attention. In layman's terms, Arcarese’s work is pretty darn good. 


“Art has always been my passion”, said Arcarese. “I’m a designer, but I’m more of an illustrator than anything else. It’s just what I do; I love it. I’m an illustrator at the core.”

Arcarese, who graduated from Marywood University in May 2022 with a bachelor of fine arts degree in graphic design, has already had his hands on a number of large projects through his work with local businesses, Northeast Art Project and Posture Interactive. As an artist, Arcarese has played a large role in creating accessible public art and showcasing culture in the Scranton area, which, to him, is purely a community act.

“I love the energy that comes from people coming together and sharing their ideas,” said Arcarese. “That’s sort of the standard at Marywood⁠—everyone supports each other. My fondest memories from the past couple of years have been creating in and out of the studio. I’ve been able to paint murals everywhere, from Marywood’s campus to downtown Scranton, with the help of Northeast Art Project. I also had the opportunity to work in an office setting during a design internship at Posture Interactive in Scranton, which was incredible. I have Marywood to thank for these great experiences."

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“My three favorite places to be are in the studio, gallery, and museum,” said Arcarese. “The more I’m in those spaces, working on art and thinking about art, the happier I’ll be.”

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