Emergency Notification Systems

e2Campus Notifications and Omnilert App

Free & Easy to Set Up — e2Campus sends emergency alerts & weather closing notifications instantly and simultaneously to you. *Once signed up, you will receive emergency alerts by default for a period of 2 years. 

Sign Up & Log In

Commuters - Select opt-in for 'Commuters'

You will receive messages in the event of a campus emergency and be able to download and log in to the Omnilert App.

  • Memberships are good for two years
  • If you already have a username and password, use the User Login to access your account
  • Once you are signed up for e2Campus, you can download the Omnilert App to access the campus panic button

  1. Click the Sign Up & Log In button
  2. Enter your MarywoodYOU username (Example:if you are jsmith@m.marywood.edu, username is jsmith)
  3. Enter your MarywoodYOU password (Note: If you have changed your password in gmail, you must use your originally assigned password)
  4. Fill out your account information 
  5. Subscribe to more groups by clicking Groups in the upper right corner
  6. Select the groups to which you'd like to subscribe 

* Account will remain active for two years from the date of sign up. One month prior to the two-year expiration, a notification will be sent by email or text to the preferred contact associated with your Marywood account, providing you with the option to remain on the service. If an opt-in is not confirmed, the account will be deactivated in 30 days.

  1. Click the Sign Up & Log In button.
  2. Enter your MarywoodYOU username and MarywoodYOU password.
  3. Subscribe to more groups by clicking Groups in the upper right corner.
  4. Select the groups to which you'd like to subscribe or from which you wish to unsubscribe.

All Users

  • Weather cancellations and delays
  • Emergency conditions
  • Changes in parking conditions

Ways to Recieve Notifications

  • Mobile (text messages)
  • Email Address

Optional Notifications

Panic Button with Omnilert App

An e2Campus account is required to download the app and connect your personal access code.

An iPhone showing campus resources

The Omnilert App is a panic button that goes where you go on your cell phone. The app's primary function is the screen's red panic button. This panic button sends your information directly to the Marywood Campus Safety Department and is monitored 24/7.

By holding down the RED CALL BUTTON you can contact Campus Safety or submit a silent alert right inside the app.


Personal Access Codes

In order to use the installed iOS/Android app, subscribers will need their Personal Access Codes (PACs).

The PAC is a 10-character code that they must enter into the app to link to their subscriber record. Your PAC will be sent to your email address associated with your e2campus account.

If you do not receive your Personal Access Code please contact mpasqualicchio@marywood.edu.


Marywood University has in place two outdoor warning sirens/public address units. In the event of an emergency that threatens the safety of those outdoors on campus, the university may sound the sirens. The siren tones are designed to be quite loud and distinct, and should easily be heard by those outdoors on campus.

There are five audible pre-recorded alerts on this system. They are:

  1. There is a person with a weapon on campus. Seek Shelter and lockdown now. (3 times)
  2. Winter Weather Warning, Winter Weather Warning, Take Emergency Precautions Immediately, Take Emergency Precautions Immediately.
  3. An emergency evacuation of this area is required. Follow evacuations route instructions. Listen to radio and TV for details.
  4. All Clear. The emergency is over. All Clear. The emergency is over. All Clear. The emergency is over.
  5. Available for any live emergency announcement.

Please Remember

This system is not foolproof and each person has to use common sense and assist each other in the event of an emergency.

The siren and announcements cannot be heard everywhere under every condition. Passing along the message to other students, staff, and faculty members can maximize awareness of the emergency. The University will also use e-mail, E2Campus, and other modes of communication to get information out as quickly as possible.

Important Notes

These siren/public address units are designed to be heard primarily outdoors. However, many individuals can hear the sirens even if indoors.

The pre-recorded and live public address announcements that will follow siren tones are prone to echoing among the buildings on campus. How well you will be able to understand the messages will depend on your location. All possible adjustments have been made to the system to improve clarity of the voice message. The Campus Safety Department is aware that in some areas of campus the messages can be difficult to understand.

Activation of this system requires expressed permission of the Chief of Campus Safety.

Timely Warnings

To help prevent crimes and/or serious incidents, the Campus Safety Department, in conjunction with other University departments, issues timely warnings to notify the University community about certain crimes in and around our campus. Crime information is obtained from the local police, the Asst. Vice President of Student Services, Housing and Residence Life, and the Counseling Center. Anyone with information of a crime or serious incident should report this to the Campus Safety Department so that a timely warning can be issued, if warranted.

CALL 570-348-6242

CALL EXTENSION 6242 From Any Campus Phone 


VISIT Don't hesitate to approach a Campus Safety Officer around campus if you have any questions or concerns.

Emergency Plans

Password protected (MarywoodYOU)

Emergency Evacuation Guidelines

In non-fire emergencies, a decision to evacuate will be based on the available information; i.e. the specific threat, time of day, location, etc. and the recommendation of the Campus Emergency Response Team.

View Emergency Plans

Notice something suspicious on campus? 

Use the Silent Witness Incident Tip Form to anonymously report an incident to Marywood Campus Safety.