College of Professional Studies

Reap College of Professional Studies

Message from the Dean

On behalf of our faculty and staff, welcome to the Reap College of Professional Studies! We educate students in career-oriented professions through the Schools of Architecture, Business and Education, the Ph.D. in Strategic Leadership and Administration, and the Master of Public Administration.

Join us, and you will gain job-ready skills to succeed in your chosen area. You will become a pro: an accomplished expert, capable and competent, practiced and proficient. Yet you will gain more than professional expertise here. You will also learn that the spirit of the amateur is crucial to a successful professional career. This spirit is evident in amateur's root Latin word, 'Amare,' which means 'to love.' This spirit distinguishes Marywood's professional programs from other universities. At Marywood, you will discover that successful professionals are motivated by their love and passion for their work and, importantly, the benefits to those they serve.

So join us as we work for the common good. Review our programs. Acquaint yourself with our faculty, staff, and students. You will find meaningful career avenues and passionate people like yourself. And don't be shy: contact us if you have any questions. 

Meet the Dean

James Sullivan

The mission of the Reap College of Professional Studies is to educate undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral students in the disciplines and associated practices of the College’s programs through intellectually and creatively challenging educational experiences, an inclusive and respectful learning environment, and the promotion of service and scholarship by students and faculty. This mission aspires to engender professionals who pursue their careers with a commitment to expertise, ethics, and empathy in an interconnected world.