picture of Nick Macano

Nick Macano


Nick Macano, a 2021 alumnus of Marywood University, has continually demonstrated his dedication and excellence in the field of sports science and coaching. After completing his Exercise Science degree at Marywood, Nick embarked on a professional path that led him to become the Head Performance Coach at Athletic Republic, a local performance center renowned for its cutting-edge training methodologies and commitment to athlete development. His role there not only underscored his expertise in performance coaching but also his commitment to advancing his knowledge in the field.

Understanding the importance of continuous education in staying at the forefront of applied physiology and kinesiology, Macano pursued a Master's degree online through the University of Florida. This pursuit of advanced education reflects his dedication to excellence and his passion for understanding the complexities of human performance at a deeper level.

Macano's journey took an exciting turn in the fall of 2023 when he was accepted into a highly competitive internship program as a strength and conditioning coach for Olympic sports at the University of Florida. This opportunity allowed him to work closely with elite athletes and contribute to their development on the world stage. Demonstrating exceptional skill and commitment, he completed the semester-long internship with outstanding accolades, leading to his appointment as an Assistant Strength Coach for Olympic Sports at the University of Florida.

In his current role, Macano continues to apply his extensive knowledge and innovative training techniques to enhance the performance of Olympic athletes. His journey from Marywood University to a key position at the University of Florida exemplifies the profound impact of dedication, continuous learning, and the pursuit of excellence in one's career. Macano's story is a testament to the power of education, hard work, and the relentless pursuit of one's passions. It serves as an inspiration to current and prospective students of Marywood University, showing that with determination and the right education, the possibilities are limitless.