picture of Mary Ellen Coleman

Mary Ellen Coleman


Alumna Awarded for Decades of Service

Nov 17, 2021

Mary Ellen Coleman has contributed her professional expertise, community influence, and generous personal resources in support of Marywood and its mission. Her considerable professional achievements, including a long, successful career in the out-of-home media industry, are framed by her highly effective leadership in numerous charitable, civic, and professional organizations. Her accomplishments in the field of education, specifically at Marywood, include serving for nine years as Director of Development, another nine years as a member of the Board of Trustees, and, presently, more than ten years as an advancement and alumni engagement consultant. She is known for being astute, professional, caring, and dependable, meeting life’s challenges and uncertainties without hesitation and with a riveting passion for helping others. In addition to Coleman's professional expertise and community influence in support of Marywood, she has contributed generously of her own personal resources to advance our mission and core values. Her passionate involvement with Marywood spans several decades, and her devotion to this university and to its students has been energetic and constant. Wherever her career or numerous charitable causes took her, Coleman's heart continued to draw her back to Marywood. 

In 2021, Marywood University honored Coleman with the Presidential Mission Medal. Presidential Mission Medal recipients inspire others to serve and advance the University’s commitment to excellence and empowerment through education. Recipients of the award are servant leaders who embrace a commitment to Marywood's core values of Catholic identity, respect, empowerment, service, and excellence. 

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