Aviation Management (Pilot/Flight Operations) Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

Lift Your Career to New Heights with an Aviation Degree in Flight Operations

Earn your aviation degree in Flight Operations (BBA). The flight training is done through a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) approved, 141-flight training school, conveniently located nearby to Marywood’s campus.

Students who have aircraft operations training and have achieved any of the aforementioned FAA Ratings upon enrollment will receive Marywood University credits in the appropriate ratings area.

We offer the following ratings:

  • Private pilot
  • Instrument rating
  • Commercial pilot
  • Certified flight instructor (CFI)

Prospective Students interested in majoring in Business Administration (BBA) in Pilot/Flight Operations, which the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) certifies, must consult the FAA regulations regarding medical certification.

Students are  responsible  for obtaining an FAA medical certificate in order to fly solo, in compliance with FAA requirements. 

Top Employers

  • Airports
  • Commercial Airline Companies
  • Federal Department of Transportation
  • Flight Safety International

Top Career Paths

  • Commercial Airline Pilot
  • Aerospace Engineer
  • Airport Manager
  • Air Traffic Controller

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Undergraduate Admissions Requirements

  • Completed application
  • Official transcripts
  • Letter of recommendation
  • Official SAT and/or ACT test scores (Marywood is test optional)
  • Essay (optional)

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Wyoming Valley Airport

Flight training is conducted at the Wyoming Valley Airport (KWBW). This unique, uncontrolled field offers many challenges that aid in the student's learning experience. After obtaining the necessary licenses and ratings, several of Marywood’s students have stayed on board to be instructors for Marywood's Aviation Program. Here they build the necessary flight time and gain experience as their careers progress. 

McGowan Center for Graduate and Professional Studies

The McGowan Center is home to the School of Business and Global Innovation. The building has state-of-the-art classrooms and computer labs.

Wall Street West Financial Lab

In 2008 a classroom in the McGowan Center was renovated into a real-time business lab. Complete with a constant stock ticker, 20 new computers, and up-to-date financial software; the new business lab helps students get the knowledge they need for the financial workforce. Also, the high-tech lab works hand-in-hand with the student-run portfolio, the Pacer Investment Fund. The Pacer Investment Fund provides students with a solid knowledge of dealing with a stock portfolio. Students deal with actual money from investors and track their stocks. Along with handling real money, business students also have to observe the performance of the investor’s stock.

The front of the McGowan Center with a metal fence serving as a railing over an edge

McGowan Center for Graduate and Professional Studies

1201 University Avenue
Map & Directions

The McGowan Center for Graduate and Professional Studies, located on the corner of University and North Washington Avenues, contains classrooms and related clinical/professional space for Communication Sciences and Disorders, Psychology and Counseling, Education, and Business students. Market Marywood is also located here.

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A close-up image of Marywood's flight simulator

Flight Simulator

Map & Directions

Marywood's flight simulator is so complete that the only things missing are parts that require it to fly! Students in the Professional Pilot/Flight Operations track of Marywood's Aviation Management program utilize the on-campus flight simulator as part of their training.

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