Sports Management

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The Sports Management track in the Bachelors of Business Administration (BBA) Management program will be offered by the School of Business & Global Innovation within the College of Professional Studies. The Sports Management track provides students with fundamental knowledge and skills pertaining to the sports management industry. The curriculum focuses on core business management topics such as finance, management, marketing and promotion, leadership, communication, technology, ethics and law with an emphasis on how these topics operate in the sports management area. The program is intended to be completed in four years, with a total of 63 credits required coursework in the major. The program’s curricular requirements includes:

  • 36 credits of the BBA core business courses
  • 9 credits of general management courses
  • 18 credits of sports management courses, including an internship

The program prepares graduates to manage a variety of diversified business‐related responsibilities in sports at the amateur, community, collegiate and professional levels. The combination of core business courses and management/sports management specific courses provides students with the skills and experience needed for the successful management of sport. Graduates of the program will be able to understand fundamental concepts in business and the core content areas of sports management; employ higher order learning skills such as critical thinking, creative problem‐solving, oral and written communication skills, and quantitative analysis as it relates to sports management; and develop effective interpersonal skills for successful collaborations and connections with professional organizations in sports management.

The Sports Management track will provide students with the qualifications for employment in entry‐level positions. It will also prepare students for sports management graduate programs across the country. A BBA degree in Sports Management will prepare graduates for jobs in seven main career fields:

  • Professional Sports
  • Event and Facility Management
  • Sporting Goods & Licensing Products Industry
  • Athletic Administration—collegiate or high school setting
  • Community Organizations—City Parks & Rec, YMCA, Boys Clubs/Girls Clubs, etc.
  • Sports Promotion and Communication
  • Private Sports Industry—golf courses, tennis clubs, aquatics, ski resorts, etc.