Education: M.S. in Administration and Supervision of Special Education

Are you interested in planning, supervising, and managing programs for exceptional children?
Would you like to grow as a leader?

Our M.S. in Administration and Supervision of Special Education program is committed to teaching you the administrative and interpersonal skills necessary to ensure the development of effective education programs for all, in a variety of settings. Our program is directed at reflective practice and the development of leaders as agents and facilitators of change.

Courses are closely aligned with Marywood's School Leadership program requirements, and the shared courses are intended to integrate the knowledge base of school leadership with the administrative challenges of specialized programming.

I. Professional Education and Core Courses

EDUC 501 Research Theory 3
EDUC 554 Learning Theories 3

II. Concentration

S ED 507 Characteristics & Remedial Strategies for the Mildly Impaired 3
S ED 511 Curriculum Adaptations for Special Learners 3
S ED 539 Behavior Management Approaches 3
S ED 540 Administration & Supervision of Special Education Programs 3
S ED 544 Practicum in Special Education Supervision 3
EDUC 545 Administrative Theory for School Leaders 3
EDUC 547 Curriculum Planning for Schools 3
EDUC 548 Supervision & Evaluation of Instruction 3

* Prerequisite of S ED 500 Special Education Law and Service Delivery