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R. Jay Starnes





Courses taught:

Problems and Issues in Early Childhood Education EDUC-506
Curriculum Planning for Schools EDUC-547
Internship-Supervisor Curriculum & Instruction EDUC-594
Dr. Ronald “Jay” Starnes brings his extensive knowledge and educational background to the classrooms of Marywood’s Education department. Starnes serves as co-director of the School Leadership academy. He successfully defended his doctoral thesis in 2013 and attained his Ed.D. from Indiana University of Pennsylvania. Dr. Starnes' area of academic research includes motivation and educational systems, student engagement, equity and access, and school improvement. These interests reflect the topic matter he covers at Marywood. Dr. Starnes’ research into student motivation and persistence was published in 2013.

Presentations and Publications

Starnes, R. & Sockman, B. (2022). Supporting Student Voice to Protest and the Impetus for Change (K-12). In Bond, A., Tamim, S., Blevins, S., & Sockman, B. Systems thinking for instructional designers: Catalyzing organizational change (Chapter 5). Routledge.

Starnes, R. (2013). National board-certified teachers in Pennsylvania: A study of motivation and persistence. [Doctoral dissertation, Indiana University of Pennsylvania]. ProQuest Dissertation Publishing.

Hussein, A., Godwin, C., Keith-Vincent, L, & Starnes, R. (2022, March 2). Post-Secondary preparation: A model for equity, inclusion, and social justice. Advancing Student and Faculty Diversity in the Academy, Eastern Psychological Association, Annual Conference, N.Y., N.Y.