Master of Art in Teaching with Secondary/K-12 Education Certification

Do you have a passion to teach all grade level specialties like music or grade 7-12 subjects?
Do you have a passion to share your knowledge with students at the primary level to the secondary level?
Marywood University can offer you the opportunity to fulfill this passion.

The M.A.T. program in Secondary/K-12 Education is designed for the candidate whose goals include initial certification in a secondary or K-12 subject and an M.A.T. degree.

Besides your subject-area content knowledge, the program coursework to prepare you to become a teacher will include:

  • nine credits hours of course work that give candidates an understanding of foundation of education, of human development and the psychology of the teaching/ learning process.
  • ten credit hours that focus on general and specific teaching methodologies as well as the reading process.
  • twelve credit hours focusing on developing candidates’ understanding of working with learners that have special needs.
  • six credit hours in student teaching and seminar
  • six credit hours in core courses, providing the candidate the opportunity to integrate theory and practice in both research and learning theory.

These courses are required for those students seeking both the degree and Pennsylvania Instructional I certification. Eligibility for certification is determined by fulfillment of state requirements.

Education Requirements




EDUC 000 Field Experience (minimum of 100 clock hours of observation and participation) 0
PSYC 514 Human Development 3
EDUC 502 Multidisciplinary Foundations of Education 3
SPED 507 Characteristics of Mildly Impaired Learner 3
EDUC 005E Practicum Block 1
EDUC 523 Seminar: Psychology of Education 3
EDUC 411A Effective Instruction Secondary/K-12 3
R ED 526 Teaching Content Area Reading 3
SPED 539 Behavior Management Approaches 3
EDUC 561 Methods, Materials and Assessment ESL 3
Varies Content Area Methods 3
SPED 511 Curriculum for Special Needs Learners (taken w/ student teaching) 3
EDUC 591 Student Teaching 1.5,1.5
EDUC 598B Special Topics in Student Teaching (Seminar) (Taken w/ student teaching) 3
EDUC 554* Learning Theories 3
EDUC 501* Research Theory 3

*Courses required for M.A.T. Degree.

Candidates who have a desire to teach children with special needs may pursue dual certification with special education in addition to secondary/K-12 education, by adding a concentration in Special Education.

Prior to admission to the M.A.T. program with certification in Secondary/K-12 Education all applicants must meet with the Chair of the School of Education or designated faculty member and the Director of Professional Field Experience.