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Marywood University is committed to operate in an ethical, honest, and law abiding environment.  The University expects that faculty, administrators, staff and students will adhere to such standards, conduct their activities and carry out their duties consistent with these values and in accordance with University policies and procedures and applicable law. 

To protect the integrity of the University’s community and to ensure ethical, honest, and lawful standards of conduct by and among members of the community, the University will investigate any possible dishonest or fraudulent use or misuse of University resources or property as well as any other conduct that may be criminal by faculty, administrators, staff, or students in connection with their employment or attendance at the University.

This Whistleblower Policy is not intended to supplant, but rather to complement and supplement existing University policies. It thus does not affect any rights, responsibilities, or procedures set forth in other University policies addressing misconduct.

READ University Whistleblower Policy [PDF]