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The Marywood University Art Department combines professional art training with a liberal arts education to help students develop their creative voice and vision for a career in art or for further graduate study. Students who graduate from Marywood University art programs go on to work as studio artists, designers, educators, and therapists in museums, galleries, public schools, universities, private practice, and other public and private organizations. Our alumni have secured positions as art teachers, museum directors, art therapists, studio artists, art directors, graphic and web designers, children’s book illustrators, courtroom sketchers, painting instructors, photojournalists, fashion photographers, metal fabricators, jewelers, and furniture designers, to name a few.

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About The Art Department

The programs in Art are designed to help students attain full development as creative persons through the integration of art studies with the total concept of a liberal arts education. It is through the creative, aesthetic dimension of human intelligence that greatness in culture is born. The human person communicates this dimension through the process of art. The artist, in his/her quest for a common abstraction or “truth” in nature and in humanity, functions to challenge and set standards of excellence in all aspects of human endeavor.

Through critical awareness and understanding of the physical world and its relationship to social, ethical, and economic conditions, the art student begins this quest. Artistic (creative) potential lies, often dormant, within every person from any cultural background or educational exposure. Once released, this powerful communication form reveals each individual’s cohesive relationship to the world in all its diversity and enables the artist as a more “fully developed” person to foster quality in and respect for, life.

By virtue of its diversity art applauds differences as well as similarities. It is also through this dimension that spiritual insights, social awareness, and dedication to personal, responsible communication develop and are expressed. As an active participant in the mission and philosophy of Marywood University, the goals of the Department of Art include preparation of individuals experienced in diverse creative processes through the various art media.

Students are involved intensely in self-discovery, self-evaluation, artistic research (affective and cognitive), and professional presentation of products. As a result, the art student develops a sense of responsibility, empathy and professionalism, which then should be reflected, upon graduation, by commitment and involvement as a professional in the larger community. It is this growing sense of responsibility for quality communication, balanced with creativity that will enrich future generations.

Art Faculty

Our faculty members, are committed, caring, and creative working professionals. In addition to teaching and advising students at Marywood, they continue to develop their own aesthetic visions through personal and commercial projects. Many of our faculty members have shown their work in national and international exhibitions. They've also written books, scholarly papers for journals, and articles for a variety of magazines and news outlets. In addition, many have been featured in numerous publications, including Artists Magazine, Art in America, Fiber Arts, Ceramic Monthly, Metalsmith, American Craft, Print, NET Magazine, Communication Arts, and Step by Step.

The Art Studio at Marywood Weekend Workshops
We are offering a series of classes for adults at the Insalaco Center for Studio Arts at Marywood. These classes will be offered on weekends and will be open to anyone 18 years and older.

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Every art student at Marywood has access to superb facilities, from computer labs and darkrooms to drawing, painting, printmaking, metal, wood, and sculpture studios and weaving looms. Facilities are available to art students 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The Insalaco Center for Studio Art houses the Kresge Gallery and features drawing and painting studios showcasing naturally-lit rooms with beautiful views of the campus. There are studios and equipment for woodworking, fiber arts, jewelry-making, ceramics, sculpture, photography, printmaking, a Mac lab, and private and semi-private studios for upper level BFA, MA and MFA students.

The Shields Center for Visual Arts contains The Maslow Collection, Mahady Gallery, Suraci Gallery, classrooms for art history and art administration, studios for art therapy, two graphic design Mac labs, and a 24-hour drop-in Mac lab. The Maslow Collection and Study Gallery for Contemporary Art housed in the Shields Center features more than 500 works by artists such as Robert Rauschenberg, Jasper Johns, Andy Warhol, and Chuck Close.

The Art Department has several clubs and organizations dedicated to the arts. Overall, Marywood’s Office of Student Engagement offers over 60 extra-curricular registered clubs and organizations.


Marywood University Student Art Therapy Association

Shutterbugs Photography Club

Kappa Pi, Zeta Omicron Chapter

Foundations Year

Your first year as an art student at Marywood University is an important step in your development as an artist. To help make your foundation year a success, we offer a number of resources to guide you.

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Online Art Supplies

Art Student Resources

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Medals for Excellence in Art

The Art Department takes great pride in each of the students that pass through our programs. While we recognize that each of our students achieve so much in their short time at Marywood, we feel it is our duty to recognize those who excel far beyond what is required. To that end, we are proud to present the following Medals for Excellence in Art to students who have shown the very highest dedication to their fields upon graduating:


Saint Luke's Medal for Excellence in Art 

  • Selected by Marywood faculty based primary on QPA
  • Overall level of quality of art work produced and professional presentation is considered for students who fall within 0.05 of each others QPA.

Anna & James Foley Medal for Excellence in Art Education

Awarded to a graduating student who has demonstrated academic excellence by maintaining a minimum QPA of 3.0 as a major in the field of Art Education. Said student must also have demonstrated artistic skills worthy of exhibit at the University. The Medal is established by Sister Ave Maria Foley in honor of her mother, father and brother.

  • Only those students exhibiting in the current year are eligible.
  • Selected by Marywood faculty baseprimary on QPA
  • Overall level of quality of art work produced and professional presentation is considered for students who fall within 0.05 of each others QPA.

Kappa Pi International Art Honor Fraternity (Zeta Omicrom Chapter)

  • Must be a chapter member in good standing to receive cords for graduation.


Ella T. Ruane Medal for Excellence in Art

  • QPA Grade Point Average        
  • Written statement on Career Goal
  • Overall level of quality of art work produced and professional presentation of exhibit
  • For Studio Art (MFA) students only

Students must apply for the Ruane Medal during the Spring semester in the academic year in which they graduate.

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art pencil and portfolio iconArt Portfolio Submissions

Undergraduate Portfolio Guidelines »

Applicants are required to submit a portfolio to the Art Department. Your submission should include:


3-Dimensional Studio Arts
Art Therapy
Arts Administration
Graphic Design Visual Arts
Illustration Studio Arts
Painting Studio Arts


Art Therapy
Ceramics Studio Arts
Graphic Design and Illustration Visual Arts
Photography Studio Arts
Printmaking Studio Arts
Sculpture Studio Arts
Sequential Art and Storytelling
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Art Events