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Insalaco College of Arts & Sciences

Message from the Dean

On behalf of our faculty and staff, welcome to the Insalaco College of Arts & Sciences!

Our College is filled with creatives who write, teach, program, act, move, design, perform, research, question, communicate, and lead. You will be one of us.

If you are new to Marywood, please spend time exploring these web pages. When you begin a new degree, you pour a foundation upon which you build your future—your career, but also who you become and what you stand for—what you believe in. So, explore the richness of what is available, and imagine yourself simultaneously challenged by, and pleasantly immersed in, these disciplines. You will find the faculty at Marywood to be welcoming and open to you. Email them. Ask about majors, minors, and courses that might help you on your journey. Ask about various pathways that might clarify your dreams. Tell them about yourself, your interests, your ideas.

If you are returning to this page, it may be to seek advice on a range of academic specifics, concerns, or procedures, but you also can contact me to let me know about events, games, concerts, lectures, or anything else that is cool in your world.

Contact me directly. I am happy to help.

Jeffrey Johnson


In support of the Mission, Goals, and Core Values of Marywood University, the Insalaco College of Arts and Sciences aspires to foster in its students a conscious understanding of the complexities, enduring themes, and problems that are central to human experience. Our programs focus on educating students to research critically, evaluate, and produce creatively.


  • We prepare students for a lifetime of achievement, leadership, and service by offering courses that provide them with the knowledge and understanding necessary to respond effectively to the needs and challenges of an interdependent world. 
  • We enable students to think critically, examining relationships between the individual and the community, between the self and society, between the person and the world.
  • We encourage students to develop fully their ethical sensibilities and to contribute to the well-being of our common humanity. 
  • We develop highly skilled and ethical professionals who impact and influence a culturally diverse and interdependent society.
  • We challenge our faculty and students to explore and cultivate both individual and collaborative avenues for creative expression and problem solving, and skilled transmission of information.