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Film, TV, and Digital Production

Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Multimedia Communication

  • Hands-on experience with VMFM-91.7, TV-Marywood, The Wood Word, or PRSSA.
  • Learn the versatile skills and knowledge needed for this field of work.
  • Careers in film, TV, media management, production, health, or corporate communications.

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Film, TV, and Digital Production at Marywood

If you are interested in a career in digital production, look no further. Our degree program is specially formatted to give you the versatile skills and knowledge you need to work in television, film, radio, and online media, as well as to work in digital audio and video production within these industries. With a 13:1 student to faculty ratio, you get the attention necessary to truly become a digital media production master.

Marywood’s bachelor’s program covers a wide range of skills from Day One and prepares students for careers in film, TV,  media management, production, health, or corporate communications. Get the hands-on experience you need by working at Marywood’s on-campus radio station, VMFM-91.7,TV-Marywood, or The Wood Word.

More About This Degree

Our Center for Multimedia Communication provides media tools necessary to publish an online newspaper; direct, product, shoot, or edit video and audio programming; create and publish a PR newsletter; work as on-air television or radio talent; create virtual sets; produce short films; manage social media accounts; broadcast live sporting events; and much more. 

VMFM 91.7

Our award-winning, on-air and online radio station licensed by the FCC, staffed, managed, and operated by students.

The Wood Word

Work on the University's award-winning online news source in our newsroom equipped with 16 Macs, Apple’s Final Cut software, Adobe Suite, and all the tools of the trade you will need to put out the latest greatest news.


Join the student staff to direct live and taped programming via regional facilities of Comcast Cable and on the web. With the latest audio and video production tech and capabilities, the sky, or rather the green screen, is the limit.

Plus seven audio and video editing suites and a newsroom, all fully-equipped with Mac-based technology and industry-standard software!

You are prepared for a career in the digital media, i.e., film studios, television and radio stations. The skills and knowledge you gain are also applicable for cable organizations and production houses. You also will be prepared for a career in digital media departments in places like hospitals, private and public organizations, consulting firms and the government.

Undergraduate Admissions Requirements

  • Official SAT and/or ACT scores
  • Completed application
  • Essay
  • Official transcripts
  • Letter of recommendation

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Requirements -- All Majors

The following courses are required for all Communication Arts students, in Advertising/Public Relations, Digital Media, and Broadcast Journalism (23 credits):

COMM 101 Dynamics of Speech Communication 2
COMM 112 Communication Theory
COMM 115 News Writing
COMM 130B First-Year Practicum
COMM 230A and B Communication Arts Practicum
COMM 130C Video Production I 1
COMM 233L Video Production I Lab 3
COMM 330A and B Practicum in Digital Media Broadcast and Production 
COMM 336 Broadcast Newswriting
COMM 430A or B Practicum in Digital Media Broadcast and Production 
COMM 451 Coordinating Seminar in Communication Arts

Note: Seniors must take 430A or 430B during the semester in which they are not registered for COMM 451.

Broadcast Communication

Major specialization in Broadcast Communication requires 50 total credits:

COMM 231 Audio Production
COMM 130D Video Production II 1
COMM 234L Video Production II Lab 3
COMM 237 New Communication Technologies
COMM 238 Media Scriptwriting
COMM 334 Media Management
COMM 337 Media Programming
COMM 339 Media Performance
COMM 389 Telecommunications Sales and Promotions
COMM elective: Internship or any other Communication Arts course; i.e., COMM 431 or 448