Mathematics & Computer Science Student Research

Several of our undergraduate students and alumni have presented at the Moravian Student Mathematics Conference.

  • 2021: Jack DeGroot and Heather Kwolek "A Mathematical Model for Forecasting the Spread of Covid-19 in Pennsylvania." Our team created a SIR mathematical model that utilizes calculus and a 3 x 3 system of first-order differential equations. We then used an iterative numerical ode solver to forecast the number of Covid-19 cases within a certain time period t within a set population in Pennsylvania.
  • 2012: Sarah Yuest and Amberly Warner presented their joint work titled "Hyperbolic Geometry."
  • 2012: Geri Smith gave a presentation titled "Fractal Geometry: History and Theory."
  • 2012: Corey Foote gave a presentation titled "The Pollard's Rho Method for Factoring Numbers."
  • 2011: Michael Kuniega gave his presentation titled "The Dihedral Group D_12 and Musical Transformations on Triads."
  • 2010: Kayla Troast presented her work on the stereotype threat for female students on their mathematical performance. 
  • 2010: Bradley Fenstermaker presented his research on modeling the outbreak of zombies and studying the chance of survival of humans in such a scenario.
  • 2007: Colin Conrad presented his work concerning k-semismooth integers. Colin's research has deep connections to cryptology, the science of code encryption and decryption.