Dr. Tracie Pasold

Professor Elected to Pennsylvania Psychological Association Board of Directors

Tracie Pasold, Ph.D., associate professor in the Psychology and Counseling department was recently elected to the Board of Directors of the Pennsylvania Psychological Association (PPA) in the role of communications chair. Having previously been the editor of the association’s quarterly publication, The Pennsylvania Psychologist, Tracie will now direct PPA’s internal and external communications as part of overseeing the activity of three PPA committees as well as engaging in duties incumbent upon all board members.

Dr. Pasold’s research interests include pediatric eating disorders and pediatric/medical psychology. Her research explores psychological and physical correlates to risk for eating disorders and also engages in prevention and educational efforts in this area. She also engages in research examining the psychological factors in physical and medical conditions among children and adolescents as part of efforts to improve adjustment to and management of these conditions.

The PPA was founded in 1993 and is the third largest state association affiliated with the American Psychological Association. PPA has nearly 3,000 members, and is viewed across the nation as a leading state, provincial and territorial psychological association.

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