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Office of Institutional Equity and Inclusion Announces Commitment of Solidarity to LGBTQ+ Community

Inclusive excellence is not just a goal at Marywood; it is the pathway forward to cultivating a welcoming, understanding, and accepting environment for everyone. We are committed to standing in solidarity with our faculty, staff, students, and alumni who are members of the LGBTQ+ community.

Recent events have made it necessary for us to reaffirm our position of support, and over the coming weeks and months, we will work together on a number of action steps that include developing LGBTQ+ intentional training, activities, and expanding our efforts to bolster LGBTQ+ student services on campus.

Marywood endeavors to continue creating and maintaining an open, safe, and inclusive environment that respects the dignity of all members of our institution.

-Office of Institutional Equity and Inclusion 

At this time, any member of the Marywood community can find a space to gather and engage in dialogue at the Office of Institutional Equity and Inclusion (LAC 218), the Office of Student Equity and Inclusion (Learning Commons 372), or at the Counseling and Student Development Center.