What We Do

The Graduate Student Council (GSC) at Marywood represents the whole graduate student body and provides a variety of programs and activities for students.

Elected GSC officers work to strengthen relationships between students, faculty, staff, and administration.

GSC_color.jpegMarywood University Graduate students are diverse in many ways. Aside from some of the more common ways of viewing diversity (i.e., race, gender), Marywood graduate students are diverse in their lifestyles. Simply put, Marywood graduate students are part-time, full-time, single/married and returning to earn a graduate degree some years after gaining work experience, while others are attending immediately following the undergraduate experience. The diversity of lifestyles presents a variety of needs by our students. For some students, due to a very demanding career and family life, their graduate student experience is largely, if not only, attending their classes. Students with fewer demands, may seek out a very different graduate student life experience. We believe we're capable of meeting the needs of your lifestyle through the wide array of out-of-class experiences on campus and in the local community.

If you're inclined to be active in the organization of activities and events, or interested in being involved in policy and governance on campus, consider getting involved in the Graduate Student Council. You can learn more about the Graduate Student Council and what we can offer you by clicking on the links to your left on this page! If you don't have the time to devote to attending meetings, but would still like to participate, please take advantage of the organization by submitting suggestions via email (our email address is located at the bottom of the page).

As a graduate student, it's likely you're familiar with the college environment and its many services. Regardless, we've identified several areas of support, via the site links at the bottom of this page that you may find useful.

If you discover a service you're in need of, but cannot locate it, please contact the Student Engagement Office at marywoodclubs@marywood.edu

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  • Serve as Advocates and Voice Graduate Student Concerns
  • Address Policy Concerns Related to Graduate Students
  • Offer Networking Opportunities
  • Promote Academic Excellence
  • Offer Professional Development Opportunities
  • Improve the Quality of Life of Graduate Students

What Is It?

In an effort to empower, enhance and enrich the graduate student experience at Marywood University, the Graduate Student Council ...

  • Serves as an Advocate and Voice for Graduate Student Concerns
  • Addresses Policy Concerns Related to Graduate Students
  • Offers Networking Opportunities
  • Promotes Academic Excellence
  • Offers Professional Development Opportunities
  • Works to Improve the Quality of Life for Graduate Students

How Can You Get Involved?

Send an email to the office of Student Engagement at marywoodclubs@marywood.edu to learn how you can get involved. Visit the GSC website to learn about current events and issues pertinent to graduate students. Also, send concerns and comments regarding your graduate experience to the GSC via our email.

If you would like to request funding for conference or research expenses, then please fill out Research & Professional Development Funding Request Form.

The following are general guidelines that will be followed in awarding funding, but they are subject to change at the discretion of the Graduate Student Council:
  • You must apply for funding two weeks prior to the date you need to make purchases/complete registrations. Funding will not be granted after the conference has been attended or purchases have been made if a request was not submitted beforehand. Special circumstances will be considered if two weeks’ notice is not given, but not guaranteed.
  • Funding will only be awarded for conferences that do not provide training of any kind.
  • This funding is meant to serve as a supplement towards expenses. This service does not guarantee payment of all expenses.
  • Funding is distributed on a first come first served basis (funds are equally distributed between the fall and spring semesters)
  • Funding requests are not accepted between the months of May and August. Graduate Student Council does not allocate funding during summer months.
  • Please keep in mind that all funding submissions are FINAL. No alternations may be made to your funding request after submission and GSC will not consider additional compensation for any reason.

Still unsure about what is eligible?

Here are some examples of past conferences that graduate students have received funding for. If you present at a conference, then you will be provided with additional compensation. 

  • American Speech, Language, Hearing Association Convention
  • The Symposium on Military-Connected Students
  • Chi Sigma Iota PA Statewide Conference
  • American College of Healthcare Executives
  • 2018 American Educational Research Association Annual Meeting