From scholarships for our students, improvements for our campus, and more, our priorities are constantly evolving to help us best serve our students and our mission. See some of the areas where you can support Marywood below.

Help students learn and live their passion.


Our campus is a small community, complete with roads, parking lots, green spaces, buildings, utilities, and, of course, the people who live, learn, and work here. This community requires ongoing resources to thrive and succeed. 

The Marywood Fund is a pool of flexible resources used to address practical needs on campus and seed new initiatives. By contributing to the Marywood Fund, our alumni and friends make it possible for us to craft an exciting future for students while also addressing essential operational needs and unexpected circumstances.

Keeping our physical campus in optimum condition contributes to the health and safety of our community and helps us attract the best and brightest students and faculty.


When you contribute to scholarships, you are opening doors of opportunity for students, many of whom would not be able to attend college without your support. You can make a gift of any size to the Marywood Scholarship Fund to help students realize their dreams and their potential.

You also can establish a named scholarship to honor a family member, friend, colleague, or other person who has had a major impact on your life.

Annual Scholarship

An annual scholarship provides funding to a Marywood student. To establish an annual scholarship fund, we ask for a minimum commitment of $2,000 annually for five years. Unlike an endowed scholarship, an annual scholarship is not a permanent fund.

Endowed Scholarship

An endowed scholarship establishes a fund that will give deserving students the opportunity of a Marywood education. The minimum gift to endow a scholarship fund is $50,000, which can be contributed over five years. The principal of the fund is invested to produce income and a portion is awarded to one or more students. The principal remains untouched, so the endowment remains in perpetuity. 


Sister Mary Persico, IHM, is passionate about bringing people together. She believes that, together, we can make a positive difference for Marywood’s future. The President’s Innovation Fund provides Sister Mary with resources to support Marywood’s growth.

Her values and priorities align powerfully with the values of Marywood and are guiding the future of the University. Sister Mary is committed to making Marywood the university of choice for talented, diverse, and intelligent men and women who are committed to making a positive impact on society at regional and global levels.


Learning Commons

As the intellectual and social heart of campus, the Learning Commons puts knowledge creation at the fore of the educational experience. Students develop patterns of discovery and achievement that last a lifetime, with abundant opportunities to discern what learning styles and environments work best for them.

The use of flexible and more open physical spaces, new ways of using technology for accessing resources, and the expertise of skilled specialists, such as technologists and digital media professionals, turn what was once the familiar library into an environment infused with creative energy and engaged learning. The design of the Learning Commons also ensures adaptability to future advances in teaching and learning.

Naming Opportunities

Terrace Level





$800,000 TV/Recording Studio 1 Open
$600,000 TV/Recording Control Room 1 Open
$250,000 Radio Station & Control Room 1 Open
$150,000 Animation Lab 1 Open
$150,000 Audio Lab 1 Open
$150,000 News Production Room 1 Open
$150,000 Video Lab 1 Open
$75,000 Student Meeting Room 1 Open
$65,000 Editing Rooms 8 Open
$50,000 Broadcast Offices 3 Open
$50,000 Media Preview Studios 2 Open
$50,000 Wood Word Student Newspaper Room 1 Closed

Level One

$7,000,000 Learning Commons Facility Name 1 Open
$2,000,000 Atrium 1 Pending
$1,000,000 Automated Storage & Retrieval System 1 Open
$300,000 Alee Study Lounge 1 Open
$300,000 Cafe 1 Closed
$300,000 Cafe Terrace 1 Closed
$300,000 Entry Veranda 1 Closed
$300,000 North Glass House Study 1 Open
$300,000 South Glass House Study 1 Closed
$250,000 Lounge 1 Open
$250,000 Inter-Library Loan Suite 1 Open
$250,000 Knowledge Bar 1 Closed
$250,000 The Marketplace 1 Closed
$200,000 Amphitheatre 1 Closed
$200,000 Grand Stair 1 Closed
$150,000 Sister Cor Sculpture 1 Pending
$100,000 Cafe Seating East 1 Closed
$100,000 Cafe Seating West 1 Closed
$50,000 Learning Commons Offices 7 Open
$50,000 South Grove 1 Closed
$35,000 Patron Holding Area 1 Open
$25,000 Patrons Wall Various Open
$25,000 Printing Suite 1 Closed

Level Two

$500,000 Archives Gallery & Reading Room 1 Closed
$300,000 Technology Services Area 1 Closed
$250,000 Collaborative Study Suite 1 Open
$200,000 Archives Administration/Research 1 Open
$150,000 Center for Transformational Teaching & Learning Program Area 1 Closed
$150,000 Seminar Room 1 Closed
$150,000 Technology Classroom 1 Closed
$150,000 Training Laboratory 1 Open
$100,000 Collaborative Study Area 1 Closed
$100,000 South Study Lounge 1 Closed
$75,000 Large Group Study Area 1 Closed
$50,000 Atrium Bridge North 1 Open
$50,000 Atrium Bridge South 1 Open
$50,000 Center for Transformational Teaching & Learning Program Office 1 Closed
$50,000 Group Study Areas 7 Open
$25,000 Printing Suite 1 Closed

Level Three

$250,000 Learning Commons Administrative Suite 1 Open
$200,000 LEED (Green Design) Initiative 1 Open
$200,000 Quiet Study/Reading Room 1 Closed
$100,000 CIO Office 1 Open
$100,000 Conference Room 1 Open
$100,000 Seminar Rooms 2 Closed
$100,000 Lobby 1 Closed
$75,000 Planted Roof 1 Open
$50,000 Collaborative Learning Rooms 3 Open
$50,000 Entrepreneur Launch Pad Program Space 1 Pending
$50,000 Group Study 5 Open
$50,000 Learning Commons Director's Office 1 Pending
$50,000 OIT Staff Offices 5 Open
$50,000 Staff Lounge 1 Open
$25,000 Printing Suite 1 Closed


The Michael and Gwen Calabro Delfino ’47 Amphitheatre, located next to Marywood’s world-class Learning Commons, features an expanded, natural tiered lawn, flanked by the Art, Architecture, and Science Centers. The Calabro-Delfino Amphitheatre is a space where academics, staged art, outdoor exhibitions, and recreation thrive, enhancing Marywood’s continuing commitment to provide the community with an array of cultural events and educational opportunities.

The amphitheatre also features The Seekers, a sculpture grouping created by alumna, Professor Emerita, and Former Chair of the Art Department Sister Cor Immaculatum Heffernan '54. The Seekers represent the power of information technology, social interaction, and cross-disciplinary learning to transmit the wisdom of the past, to assimilate knowledge of the present, and to encourage creative achievement in the future.


Reserve your Seat at the Amphitheatre!

Consider a gift today of a personalized and commemorative seat for yourself, a loved one, a special IHM sister, a favorite professor, your graduating class, or someone who has been a significant influence in your life. Your commemorative Amphitheatre Seat will be a lasting tribute, paving the way for a stronger, better future for Marywood students.

Limited seats are available.

Reserve your Seat!


The Learning Commons is the intellectual and social heart of campus, so it is only fitting that, in the area directly in front of this gateway to bold ideas, we celebrate the bold hearts that founded the IHM Congregation in 1845 and Marywood in 1915. The focal point of this memorial is a fountain in honor of the IHM Congregation and its founders, at the exact site where the Motherhouse Chapel was once located. With your support, their bold spirits will continue to be a wellspring of inspiration and enlightenment for years to come.

Commemorative Pavers

Make a gift toward a personalized paver for yourself, a loved one, a special IHM sister, a favorite professor, your graduating class or someone who has been a significant influence in your life.

Nestled in the Memorial Plaza of the Motherhouse and Seminary Morgan Memorial Garden, the pavers are prominently featured in the walkway leading to the Learning Commons.

Memorial Plaza Pavers ($500 each)

Your commemorative paver can be engraved as a lasting tribute, paving the way for generations of Marywood students to come. A limited number of pavers are available for a gift of $500. Pavers are approximately 3 feet by 1.5 feet and include up to 3 lines of text with 30 characters per line.

Memorial Garden Path Pavers ($1,500 each)

Individual pavers, each bearing a special message or tribute from the benefactor, create a meaningful space in the entryway to each of the gardens. Pavers are approximately 54" x 54" or 4'5" x 4'5" and include up to 3 lines of text with 30 characters per line.

Get Your Paver

Trees at Memorial Gardens ($6,000 each)

A canopy of trees line the Motherhouse Memorial, offering a striking, natural tribute to “Mary’s Wood.”


At Marywood, we believe you can't separate spiritual awareness and intellectual growth from physical activity. We are deeply committed to helping students realize their full potential through the values they gain from being part of a team and engaging in physical fitness activities. Our commitment to wellness is demonstrated through our many athletics facilities, including the multipurpose synthetic turf field and the aquatics center.

Multipurpose Field

Our multipurpose synthetic turf field features lights and a modern sound system. It serves as home field for our soccer, lacrosse, field hockey, and rugby.

Aquatics Center

Marywood's aquatics center features an 8-lane, NCAA-compliant pool with 3-meter and 1-meter diving platforms. It is home to the men’s and women’s swimming and diving teams, and it supports aquatics classes in our health and physical education curriculum along with community recreational opportunities.


In some cases, where students learn can be as important as what they learn. Where can be a modern urban center or a historic city like Florence—or it can be a building so innovative in its design that it becomes a partner in the educational experience. Such is the case with Marywood’s Center for Architectural Studies, which houses the School of Architecture and its growing cadre of ambitious, creative problem solvers. It is a testament to Marywood's commitment to sustainability:

  • Green roof
  • Rainwater collection system
  • 83% recycled or reused materials
  • Daylight-harvesting windows

Invest in an innovative concept that has already surpassed our highest expectations.

Naming Opportunities




$5,000,000 School of Architecture Open
$3,000,000 Center for Architectural Studies Open
$250,000 Design Studios Open
$250,000 Student Commons Open
$250,000 Design/Print Studio Open
$150,000 CAD Lab Open
$150,000 Green Roof Open
$100,000 Digital Fabrication Lab Open
$100,000 Wood Shop Open
$50,000 Metal Shop Open
$50,000 Class Room Open
$50,000 Conference Room Open
$50,000 Faculty Lounge Open
$25,000 Spray Booth Open
$25,000 Faculty Offices Open
$10,000 Student Work Space Open

Architectural Lecture Series - 4 Lectures Per Year




$10,000/year Annual Named Lecture Series Open
$50,000 Endowed Lecture Series (endowed over 5 years) Open


Now that Marywood has entered its second century, after achieving so much in our first 100 years, we require the kind of investments that will pay dividends—literally and figuratively—to tomorrow’s students, faculty, and society.

Endowed faculty positions enable Marywood to attract and keep faculty who are leaders and innovators. Wherever the professor’s work appears, the name of the endowed professorship appears as well, extending the reputations of both Marywood University and our benefactors.

Another type of endowed gift—the endowed scholarship—allows benefactors to honor a loved one by establishing a fund whose interest grows to help deserving students afford a Marywood education with financial assistance from the endowment.

Named Endowment Opportunities

Partial Scholarship ($50,000)

More than 96% of Marywood students receive some type of financial aid. Endowed partial scholarships provide a critical source of aid to support current students and future leaders.

Professorial Recognition ($250,000)

With a professorial recognition, we can reward distinguished faculty members for outstanding teaching and original research.

Faculty Fellowship ($250,000)

As we continue to expand our reputation for advanced research, we need to encourage our faculty with start-up funds for leading-edge projects. Faculty fellowships allow projects to begin before outside funders are fully engaged.

Full Scholarship ($1 Million)

Full scholarships allow us to attract the best and brightest students to our campus community.

Faculty Chair ($1 Million)

An endowed faculty chair is one of our strongest tools for recruiting the best scholars to our faculty. It is a prestigious way to honor a distinguished faculty member.

Visiting Professorship ($1 Million)

A visiting professorship endowment provides the resources to invite outstanding faculty from other institutions, as well as industry experts, to spend an extended period of time with our students. They participate in the intellectual life of the University by teaching a course or presenting working papers at campus colloquia.

College Deanship ($3 Million)

An endowed college deanship will allow each of our colleges to expand the Marywood tradition of excellence in teaching, research, and service.

President’s Initiative Fund ($5 Million)

This fund gives the President financial flexibility to channel resources to new initiatives, courses, technology, and research.