Join Us in Transforming the Future of Marywood.

Donor support is the central impetus to the achievement of this goal.

Together, we will further define Marywood’s core mission of empowerment as a place that starts with education, but expands to community and moves forward in a way that mutually empowers our students and our community, consistent with our mission and vision.

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To support our mission, we launched a comprehensive fundraising campaign targeting three areas of need critical to our growth:

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Marywood holds its mission as a standard for everything done here. One source of pride for the University is the ability to provide financial support to all eligible students who seek a Marywood education. In concert with its original mission, Marywood strives to make education affordable to worthy students who otherwise would not have access to the education provided at the University. In the 2022-23 academic year, 99 percent of the more than 400 first-time, full-time undergraduate students who matriculated received some form of financial aid. Even so, the average unmet need of students receiving aid was still $8,000. This trend is expected to continue into the foreseeable future. Campaign gifts allow us to fill the gap of unmet financial need and to provide educational opportunities to underserved students.

Scholarships represent more than just financial assistance; they are instruments of empowerment. They enable students with diverse backgrounds, varying life experiences, and unique perspectives to pursue their dreams and attain an education that equips them with the knowledge, skills, and values needed to effect positive change.

The growing population of Northeast Pennsylvania provides an opportunity for Marywood to respond to the educational needs of our region. In the 20th century, the founding Sisters empowered the daughters of coal miners and factory workers through education. In the 21st century, Marywood has the opportunity to ensure our newest neighbors will be among the next generation of Marywood alumni. Not only will scholarships impact students, but access to education will allow all students to empower their communities.

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The campaign will allow us to refresh and renew several buildings on campus, including the Keith J. O’Neill Center for Healthy Families, the Michael and Dolores Insalaco Center for Studio Arts, the Shields Center for the Visual Arts, and the Liberal Arts Center.

The College of Health and Human Services recognizes two realities: the Keith J. O’Neill Center for Healthy Families building is bursting at the seams with students, and the Nursing Program, housed in a separate building across campus, has experienced increased enrollment. We envision a place where all health professions students can work together, sharing state-of-the-art labs, classrooms, conference areas, the latest technological equipment, and space to learn and grow together. This will replicate the interprofessional, clinical teams on which they will work in the future. In order to accomplish this strategic goal, Marywood will construct a 15,000-square-foot addition, the Pascucci Family Health Sciences Pavilion, where the Nursing Program can join their counterparts, and where additional space for the expansion of the Physician Assistant program will enhance this facility. This building will become a showcase for those who study the health sciences on Marywood’s campus and will highlight the University’s innovative spirit throughout Northeast Pennsylvania, while helping to address our community’s ever-growing need for compassionate healthcare professionals.

Additionally, the Michael and Dolores Insalaco Center for Studio Arts and the Shields Center for Visual Arts need facility upgrades to support Marywood’s growing programs. The Insalaco Center needs computer lab space and classrooms for the expanding Graphic Arts program and a larger observation area for the Art Therapy program. To support the flourishing School of Business and Global Innovation and the School of Architecture, we will repurpose space in the Shields Center for both the School of Business and the new Sordoni Construction Management Program within the School of Architecture. This will include the addition of student workspaces and studio spaces to enable students to thrive and benefit from interdisciplinary collaboration.

Lastly, the Liberal Arts Center, fondly known as the LAC, includes the iconic and beautiful Rotunda, the artistic centerpiece of campus. Updates will include transitioning the classrooms from the traditional desks-and-chalkboard model to the look and feel of multimedia centers for learning. New technologies will transform the spaces into classrooms with virtual learning capabilities, so clusters of students can then engage simultaneously in multimedia learning exchanges. 

Transforming our campus facilities will enhance the programs they house. Campaign gifts to capital projects will allow us to renovate and make changes to these buildings and other facilities on campus. Not only will this enhance the student experience, but it will support the expansion of our growing programs.

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Annual giving is one of the most important aspects of philanthropic support. Marywood counts on the yearly generosity of her benefactors to “bridge the gap” between expenses needed to enhance the overall student experience. Often, annual contributions allow Marywood to focus on innovative and entrepreneurial initiatives that make this University stand tall among our peers. 

While annual giving allows the President to be nimble in terms of responding quickly to new ideas or urgent needs of students, endowments give the President financial stability to ensure programs and positions endure in perpetuity. The principal of the fund is invested to produce income, which supports a specific area of the University and can be recognized as a named gift. For example, an endowed professorship helps Marywood recruit and retain outstanding teacher-scholars, remaining competitive with our peers. An endowment gift to a program or department creates reliability in funding every year, allows for new ideas to be implemented, and provides flexibility when needs arise.

Annual and endowed funds support Marywood’s most critical needs in areas such as:

Like the North Star, campaign gifts to annual or endowed funds guide us through storms and lead us to the fulfillment of dreams. Both types of gifts provide meaningful support for our students, our community, and our campus.