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Test Dates & Location

Starting September 2020 students have the ability to test remotely at their convenience. Please see the Student Guide to NLN Testing as well the NLN Challenge Exams Information Sheet for how to sign up for exams. 

NOTE: students need to create a new account through the link listed on the Info Sheet. If you go not use that particular link we will not get your scores. 

**if you have any questions please contact the LPN to BSN coordinator, Prof Danielle Holod at daholod@marywood.edu 

**Please note: when you complete an exam please email Ms. Notari and jnotari@marywood.edu to let her know you have completed an exam so she can pull the scores.

Students may only take each exam one time.

The following NLN Challenge test(s) are available:

  • Anatomy and Physiology
  • Nutrition
  • Microbiology

NLN Nursing Acceleration Challenges Exams:

  • NACE II Care of the Adult Client (passing score gives student credit for NURS350/NURS351)
  • NACE II Nursing Care of Child (passing score gives student credit for NURS 450A)
  • NACE II Nursing Care of Childbearing Family (passing scores gives students credit for NURS 450B).

Please see the Student Guide to NLN Testing Portal to create a new username, password, and to register for the appropriate test. Students may test remotely at home at their convenience. 

Students choosing to receive advanced standing credit for Chemistry need to visit the CLEP website. (Please note CLEP exams are not administered by Marywood University.)