Physician Assistant Program
Eligibility Track

As one of the top Pre-Physician Assistant programs in the state of Pennsylvania, Marywood University provides the knowledge needed to diagnose, treat, educate, and empower patients – and preparation for the ever-changing health care field. Students focused on achieving their goals, who can meet rigorous program standards, will succeed in our program.

Admission to the PA Eligibility Track is selective, as students must maintain high standards required for admittance to the professional phase. All PA Eligibility Track students must apply and pass admission standards in order to enter the professional phase of the program. Students' academic progress is closely monitored by an academic advisor who is a graduate PA Program faculty member.

Please note: Those students interested in the Pre-Physician Assistant/Pre-Professional phase of the program should contact the Science Department.

The Marywood University Physician Assistant Program Eligibility Track is a post-baccalaureate track designed for students who need to take the required prerequisite courses to become an eligible applicant to the Marywood University PA Program. Students in this track take the required prerequisite lectures and labs on Marywood’s campus and are assigned an academic advisor to ensure they are completing coursework in a timely manner. No degree or certificate will be awarded upon completion of any course credit(s) in the PA Program Eligibility Track. This track is comprised of a maximum of forty three (43) undergraduate credits of coursework and labs which include the following classes:

BIOL 150, 150L General Biology I and lab
BIOL 151, 151L General Biology II and lab
BIOL 235, 235L General Microbiology and lab
BIOL 300, 300L Gross Human Anatomy and lab
BIOL 301, 301L Human Physiology and lab
BIOL 332, 332L Immunology and lab
BIOL 497C Medical Terminology
CHEM 131, 131L General Chemistry I and lab
CHEM 132, 132L General Chemistry II and lab
CHEM 221, 221L Organic Chemistry I and lab
CHEM 222, 222L Organic Chemistry II and lab

Previous prerequisite courses taken by students may be accepted into the PA Program Eligibility Track at the discretion of the PA Program Director upon review of the student’s official transcripts. Additionally, students who complete a minimum of sixteen (16) credits in the Marywood University PA Eligibility Track are allowed to apply to the MS Physician Assistant Program at Marywood University as an internal applicant. All other students must apply through the CASPA application. Please note that acceptance into the PA Program Eligibility Track does not guarantee acceptance into the MS Physician Assistant Program at Marywood University.

» Please note there is no financial aid available for students in the PA Program Eligibility Track. Students are billed the current graduate tuition rate. For further details, please contact studentaccounts@marywood.edu.

» Additionally, as part of the requirements for the MS Physician Assistant Program, students must complete a minimum of 500 hours of direct patient contact experience, including at least 50 hours shadowing a PA-C

» In order to be eligible for entry into the PA Program Eligibility Track, students must already have earned a bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited institution with a minimum cumulative baccalaureate GPA of 3.0. Students who do not possess a 3.0 minimum GPA are not eligible to apply to the PA Program Eligibility Track or the MS Physician Assistant Program.

» If accepted into the PA Program Eligibility Track, students are required to maintain a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 in order to matriculate in the track. Failure to maintain the minimum GPA will result in dismissal from the PA Program Eligibility Track.


To apply for the PA Program Eligibility Track, please 1submit the following required documents:

  1. Marywood University web application.
  2. Official transcripts from all colleges and/or Universities where classes were taken (Including any transfer classes if applicable)
  3. Official GRE scores within the past five years. Our school code to send GRE scores is 2407.

After all documents have been submitted, your file will be sent to the PA Admissions Committee for review. Failure to submit all required documents will result in an incomplete application that cannot be processed or reviewed by the PA Admission Committee. If accepted, students are required to submit a non-refundable deposit of $100 to confirm their seat and formally enroll into the PA Program Eligibility Track.

Download PA Eligibility Track Brochure