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Gateway to the Centennial

Joan McCusker
Rick Hoffenberg

Marywood University Anthem

Sanctitas, Scientia, Sanitas emblazing hearts anew!

O Marywood, O Marywood, with pride we sing of you.

Triumphant deeds of days long ago, and hearts that are loyal and true.

O Marywood, O Marywood, your mission be our guide.

Your vision lives in hearts on fire to spread God’s glory wide.

O Marywood, O Marywood, hold fast to ties that bind.

As you meet the needs of ev’ry age with courage and singleness of mind.

O Marywood, O Marywood, for light and truth we pray;

That your founders’ dream be long carried forth by your faithful heirs today!

Liner Notes

A brass choir opens the anthem by boldly proclaiming the motto of the University: Sanctitas, Scientia, Sanitas (Holiness, Knowledge, Health). This musical phrase then becomes the underlying motif of the anthem. Immediately following the opening measures, a French horn intones the 14th-century Gregorian chant, Regina Coeli, in honor of the Queen of Heaven, patroness of the University.

The lyrics of the anthem attempt to blend time-honored traditions with a vision toward the future. St. Teresa of Avila, patroness of the University and its sponsoring institution, states, “. . . it is we who are the founders of today.” In that spirit, the closing stanza ends with a challenge to the present generation to carry forth the mission of the University, to be “founders of today.”

As the anthem closes, the French horn again intones the Regina Coeli as a symbol of the ever present guardianship of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Joan McCusker, IHM, Ph.D. – composer
Eve of the Feast of the Queenship of Mary

August 21, 2002