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Sr. Joan McCusker
Dr. Rick Hoffenberg

Marywood University Alma Mater

Our hearts are thine, sweet Marywood.
We love thy sacred walls!
Here inspiration walks with us
Through silent, sunlit halls.
We love thy flower‑girded walks,
Thy fields and groves of green,
The vales and dells and distant hills
That from thy heights are seen.

Oh Marywood, sweet source of hope,
In Thee our hearts abide;
From wisdom's fountain here shall flow
A pure refreshing tide
To satisfy the thirsty world
And spread God's glory wide.

All hail to thee, fair Marywood!
Sweet mem'ries round thee cling.
Of all the triumphs in the past
Today we fondly sing.
But oh!, more proudly do we point
To glory and to fame,
That through unending ages shall
Immortalize thy name.

Alma Mater Composed 1923
     Music:  Sr. M. Felicitas Ryan, IHM
     Lyrics:  Sr. M. Rosina Byrne, IHM