picture of Justine Samanas

Justine Samanas

Associate Professor of Practice


Physician Assistant


Keith J. O'Neill Center for He 111

Courses taught:

Medical Procedures I PA-304
Psychiatry PA-362
Medical Procedures I PA-504
Medical Procedures II PA-505
Psychiatry PA-562
Clinical Rotation 1 PA-600
Clinical Rotation 2 PA-601
Clinical Rotation 3 PA-602
Justine Samanas graduated from King’s College in 2006 with her bachelor’s degree in medical sciences and a minor in health care administration and biology. In 2007 she attained her master’s degree from the same institution in physician assistant studies. In 2020, she graduated from Marywood University with her PhD in Strategic Leadership and Administration.

After her 2007 graduation, she started working in family medicine at a rural clinic full-time and in psychiatry part time. In 2011, she started working at King’s College, serving as a clinical coordinator and assistant clinical professor in their physician assistant program. She made her Marywood debut in 2014 in the role of clinical coordinator and clinical assistant professor. She was promoted to clinical director in 2015 and in tandem with these responsibilities, she is presently serving as an associate professor of practice within the department.

In her present position Dr. Samanas is responsible for overseeing education in the second level of the master’s degree program. Her primary role is development of clinical rotations and clinical curriculum. She also teaches in the didactic year of the Program educating students about the field of psychiatric medicine for over 10 years.

Outside of the classroom, Dr. Samanas has accrued a diverse history of experiences in outpatient and inpatient care, these experiences have allowed her to treat patients with substance use disorders; in forensic psychiatry in the prison setting; in crisis diversion units; and for providing psychiatric consults for inpatients along with halfway house residents. Her care has included pediatric, adolescent and adult patients.

Dr. Samanas’s favorite part about her job is getting to see the growth that occurs in students during their clinical year. It is exciting for her to see them become competent and confident healthcare professionals.

Dr. Samanas resides in the Back Mountain with her husband, Jonathan and daughter, Anna.