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Antoinette Morrison

Instructor of Practice (Pro-Rata)


Music Theater & Dance

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Courses taught:

Pre-Internship Clinical Experience MTH-271A
Pre-Internship Clinical Experience MTH-271B
Pre-Internship Clinical Experience MTH-371A
Pre-Internship Clinical Experience MTH-371B
Improvisation MTH-377
Pre-Internship Clinical Experience MTH-471A
Pre-Internship Clinical Experience MTH-471B
Antoinette Morrison, MT-BC has been the Marywood University Music Therapy Clinic Coordinator and Supervisor since 2013. Antoinette has been a Board Certified Music Therapist since 1990 and has worked in various school and mental health settings. In addition to supervising the 1:1 clinic at Marywood, Antoinette has previously supervised students at off-campus sites, initiated the Music Therapy improvisation club, and teaches the Music Therapy Improvistion class. Outside of Marywood, Antoinette is the owner and executive director of Back Mountain Music Therapy, The Heyward Rooms LLC. Antoinette additionally trains Marywood Music Therapy graduates in internship. Antoinette is DIR Floortime trained and certified and brings that training, and her continuous Floortime trainings, to the humanistic, improvisational, bottum-up method of working with clients in the Marywood clinic. Students are introduced to the IMCAP-ND (The Individual Music Centered Profile for Neurodevelopmental Disorders), a criterion, referenced assesment that "...is a method for observing, listening, and rating musical emotional responses, cognition and perception, preferences, perceptual efficiency, and self-regulation in individuals with neurodevelopmental disorders" (Carpente, "IMCAP-ND: The Individual Music Centered Profile for Neurodevelopmental Disorders"). Students learn to look at where their client is developmentally, based on how they relate in the music. Students are trained to look at the client's individual differences, and how those differences impact their learning and relating. Students then learn how to use the music and affect to build a safe and nurturing environment in which clients can grow.

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