picture of Michael Petrin

Michael Petrin

Assistant Professor


Philosophy/Religious Studies

Courses taught:

Encountering Faith RST-112
Introduction to the Bible RST-201
Theology and Philosophy RST-212
Christian Spirituality RST-226
ST: New Testament/Early Church RST-250R
History of Christianity RST-330
ST: Biblical Interpretation RST-450G
Honors Senior Thesis RST-478A
Professor Michael Petrin specializes in the history of early and medieval Christianity. His research focuses on religious literature in Greek, Latin, and Syriac, and he is currently writing a book on the fourth-century bishop Gregory of Nyssa.

Professor Petrin enjoys introducing students to theology and religious studies, and he is also deeply committed to ecumenical and interreligious dialogue. Prior to joining the faculty at Marywood, he taught at the Catholic University of America (Washington, DC) and the University of Notre Dame (Notre Dame, Indiana).

• Ph.D., University of Notre Dame
• M.T.S., University of Notre Dame
• B.A., Stanford University

Areas of Interest:
• Early and Medieval Christianity
• Ancient Philosophy
• Spirituality
• Biblical Interpretation
• Catholic Theology
• Ecumenical Dialogue
• Interreligious Dialogue