picture of Liyang Ding

Liyang Ding

Assistant Professor


School of Architecture


Cntr for Architectural Studies 275

Courses taught:

Hist & Thry of Arch & Interior Arch I ARCH-128
Hist & Thry of Arch & Interior Arch II ARCH-218
Hist & Thry of Arch & Interior Arch III ARCH-228
Design Studio V ARCH-310
Design Studio VI ARCH-320
ST: Bynd Srfce: Facades, Skins, & Envlp ARCH-399J
Hist&Theory of Arch & Int. Arch II ARCH-618
Thesis Research IARC-513
Liyang Ding serves as an Assistant Professor at the School of Architecture of Marywood University. Dr. Ding's research revolves around the intersection of architectural representation, a revisionist interpretation of modernism, and the cross-cultural exchange of architecture and urban culture during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries and spans several geographical regions, including Germany, China, and the United States. Dr. Ding's work has appeared in The Journal of the Society of Architectural Historians, Time + Architecture, The Architect, and The International Journal of Architectural Theory and been presented at venues such as the ACSA Conference and the Society of Architectural Historians Annual Conference. Dr. Ding holds a PhD in Architecture and a Master's in Architecture from the University of Pennsylvania.