picture of Dr. Joshua Drew Carey

Dr. Joshua Drew Carey

Assistant Professor of Practice


Science/Math/Computer Science


Cntr Natural & Health Science 320

Courses taught:

Mathematics in the Liberal Arts MATH-120
Statistics for Behavioral/Social Science MATH-155
Analysis of Functions (pre-Calculus) MATH-160
Calculus I MATH-211
Calculus II MATH-212
Introduction to Probability and Statistics MATH-220
• B.S. in Mathematics: Marywood University
• M.A., Ph.D. in Mathematics: Binghamton University (SUNY)

Research Area
Lie Algebras and Representation Theory

Office Hours
Office Hours are posted on Dr. Carey’s website (tinyurl.com/Carey-PhD). Alternatively, please email Dr. Carey to make an appointment.

• Kac-Moody Lie algebras
• Vertex operator representations of Kac-Moody Lie algebras
• q-series and theta functions
• Applications of Lie algebras to other branches of mathematics
• Connections between math and music theory

I've been teaching at Marywood since Spring 2020. Before that I taught for 5 years at SUNY Binghamton while attending grad school. I am also a proud alumnus of Marywood, having graduated with my B.S. in 2015. My research interests are in Lie Algebras, particularly Affine Kac-Moody Lie Algebras, but I am also interested in applications of Lie Algebras to other areas of mathematics as well as connections between math and music. Outside of academia, I am a musician having seriously studied organ during my undergrad studies. I play professionally but also enjoy making music for fun with my wife and family.