picture of Diogo Salmeron Carvalho

Diogo Salmeron Carvalho

Assistant Professor of Practice


Music Theater & Dance

Courses taught:

Written Theory I MUSC-111A
Written Theory II MUSC-111B
Guitar Ensemble MUSC-116A
Guitar Ensemble MUSC-116B
Music and Spirituality MUSC-119
Songwriting MUSC-123
Applied Guitar MUSC-162A
Applied Guitar MUSC-162B
Born in São Paulo, Brazil, composer Diogo Carvalho writes engaging concert music that communicates to contemporary audiences. Carvalho stands out with his ample knowledge and musicality, having pieces performed all over the world, often performing himself at the guitar. Carvalho has worked with the Unheard-of\\Ensemble, Boston String Quartet, Laurent Estoppey, and many others.

An active scholar, Carvalho presented his current research on Steve Reich and narratives of identity at musicology conferences in Europe, Asia, and in the US. As a leader, Carvalho supported the the visit of more than 150 guest artists, performers, and scholars, facilitating the use of more than US$200,000 in five years as the President of the Fine Arts College Council at the University of Florida. Carvalho also serves the international composition community as the Artistic Director for the São Paulo Contemporary Composers Festival and the Sofia Symphonic Summit, and the Director of the Composers Forum at the Vienna Summer Music Festival. Active as a music educator, Carvalho is currently Assistant Professor at Marywood University’s Music, Theatre, and Dance Department.

Website: www.diogocarvalho.com

Presentations and Publications

For Carvalho's newest compositions, please visit: https://www.diogocarvalho.com/composer

For Carvalho's performance videos, please visit: https://www.diogocarvalho.com/performer