A Marywood admissions counselor greets a prospective student.

How to Transfer from a Closing College

If your current university is closing, transitioning to Marywood University can provide a seamless pathway to continue your education. Below are the steps to transfer, highlighting our supportive measures like tuition matching and a no-fee application policy to simplify your transition.

Step 1: Apply for Admission

  • No Application Fee: Start your application through the Marywood Application or the Common App Transfer. Our no-fee policy is designed to simplify your transition, reducing financial barriers and streamlining the process.
  • Submit Required Documents: Ensure all necessary documentation, including transcripts and any required letters of recommendation, are submitted promptly.

Step 2: Assess and Transfer Your Credits

  • Credit Evaluation: Send your transcripts to our admissions team for a generous credit transfer evaluation. This ensures you retain as much credit as possible and continue progressing in your educational journey.
  • Consultation: Discuss your academic pathway with an admissions counselor to understand how your credits will transfer.

Step 3: Secure Your Financial Support

  • Tuition Matching: Apply for financial aid by submitting a valid FAFSA. This qualifies you for our tuition matching program, which aligns your out-of-pocket costs with what you previously paid, ensuring affordability.
  • Explore Scholarships: Investigate additional financial aid options such as scholarships and grants available at Marywood to further reduce your educational expenses.

Step 4: Get to Know Scranton

  • Explore the City: Familiarize yourself with Scranton’s rich historical heritage and vibrant modern life. Known for its significant role in the Industrial Revolution and popular culture references like NBC’s "The Office," Scranton offers a unique living and learning environment.

Step 5: Visit Our Campus

  • Campus Tour: Schedule a visit to our campus through our Transfer Admissions webpage to see Marywood firsthand. Experiencing our campus environment can help you feel more at home and make an informed decision about your transfer.

Step 6: Complete Your Enrollment

  • Finalize Registration: Once accepted, complete any final steps for registration, secure housing if needed, and participate in orientation sessions to fully integrate into the Marywood community.

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