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What can I do with a Social Science Degree?

If human behavior, history, human cultures, politics and economic systems fascinate you, a career in social sciences may be perfect for you. Studying the ways that humans interact within a society opens a world of opportunity. A career in social sciences may be your chance to make a difference in the world by influencing public policy and helping people at the same time. 


If you are interested in differing cultural points of view and realize your view might not be the only one – or even the right one – you may have the basic skill set for this career path. Many anthropologists work for corporations, the government, educational institutions, and for non-profit organizations working with people, studying the past, and shaping the future.


Sociologists develop theories to explain human interaction and social processes. Through research, surveys, and interviews with subjects, sociologists gather data for governmental reports, journal articles, and corporate presentations. Often, the work of sociologists becomes the basis for public policy reforms. Sociologists also work with educators, lawmakers, policymakers, administrators, and social workers to determine how society influences behavior. 


The job of an economist is to determine how goods, services, and resources are produced and distributed. Economists might create and conduct studies and analyze the results using statistical analysis. Both current and historical trends help economists predict changes and patterns in the economy. Because the economy isn’t solely about money, economists investigate the costs of education, energy, healthcare, and consumer products. 

Political Scientist

Careers with a political science degree are extremely relevant. Political scientists are experts in how political systems originated, progressed, and operate. They follow political trends and develop new political policies and ideas. Because they are scientists, they are always collecting and analyzing data. Based on their findings, they predict patterns and trends relating to politics, election results, the economy, and social changes. Political scientists may also test new and current ideologies, policies, laws, and current events.

The Career Development Center at Marywood is eager to help you understand the career options available to you in the degree of your choice. If you’re ready to get started on the path to landing one of these impactful careers, earning a degree from Marywood is an excellent starting point because setting an academic foundation is the first step in finding your passion and realizing your purpose.

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