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Smart Track [Free] Webinar Series for Students

Marywood University offers free virtual sessions through its Smart Track Program. This series of webinars will help prepare students who are transitioning into college. Webinars by Marywood University staff and students include:

  • Academic Accommodations in College versus High School (WATCH NOW »)
    Understand the differences between academic accommodations in high school vs. college including the different laws, how to advocate for yourself, as well as detailing some of the differences between classes in college vs high school.
    Presented by Kaitlin Anderle and Samantha Reed, graduate student interns

  • Bridging the Gap: Pros and Cons of Taking a Year Off  (WATCH NOW »)
    Understanding when a gap year may or may not be your best option for your education goals.
    Presented by Dr. Christina Brundage and Mr. Chris Morrison.

  • College Etiquette and Manners: A Guide to Follow. (WATCH NOW »)
    How to prepare for online classes and stay on task, especially in light of COVID-19.
    Presented by Ms. Antonia Cerda-Bevan and Dr. Lia Richards Palmiter

  • Finding Your Career Path and Meeting Your Professional Goal (WATCH NOW »)
    Advice for being successful at Marywood and beyond, including joining clubs, participating in clubs, and more!
    Presented by Dr. Brundage

  • Getting the Jitters Out: Tips for Handling Anxiety in College (WATCH NOW »)
    Find various ways to cope with anxiety and thrive as a Marywood student.
    Presented by Mr. Chris Morrison, graduate student intern

  • Tips for College Writing (WATCH NOW »)
    This video offers tips for writing in college, including resources for writing on campus and online that will help students be more successful.
    Presented by Ms. Cerda-Bevan