Maura Smith, RN, Director of Student Health Services

Taking Steps to Stop the Impact of Covid-19 on Campus

Marywood University’s Student Health Services staff are doing their part in limiting the spread of COVID-19. With the help of Geisinger Health System and The Wright Center, Stephanie Jennings, CRNP, and Maura Smith, RN, director of Student Health Services at Marywood University, have received the first of the two doses in the vaccination process.

Ms. Jennings received the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine, and will receive the second dose on January 12, while Mrs. Smith received the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine, and will receive her second dose on February 1, 2021.

Mrs. Smith said, “Neither I or Stephanie had any side effects following our vaccines, other than the side effect of hope. The sooner we can stop the spread, the sooner we can stop the impact on our campus community and beyond.”

Ms. Jennings, who works per diem with Geisinger Health System, was able to get inoculated through work, and The Wright Center is offering vaccines to those who are working in the healthcare field, which is how Mrs. Smith received her vaccine.

Mrs. Smith said, “We [Marywood University] hope to have a clinic on campus through a local pharmacy for the COVID-19 vaccines, similar to what we [Marywood University] offer to the campus community for flu shots, in the near future.”