Presidential podium

From Scranton to the White House: Scranton Inaugurates Joe Biden

Marywood University will host “From Scranton to the White House: Scranton Inaugurates Joe Biden” a pre-recorded panel of dignitaries on Tuesday, January 19, 2020, at 2 p.m. The premiere can be accessed at, will be available on Marywood University’s Facebook, @MarywoodU, and Instagram, @marywooduniversity, and also will air on Scranton Inaugural Celebration, at, as well as PCNTV.

Ann Cerminaro-Costanzi, Ph.D., associate professor of modern languages at Marywood University, will host the panel of dignitaries, including Senator Robert P. Casey and Terese Casey; Lt. Governor John Fetterman and Gisele Fetterman; Paige Gebhardt Cognetti, mayor of Scranton; Virginia Doherty McGregor, deputy national finance chair for the Democratic National Committee, the Biden Harris National Finance Committee, and lifelong Scranton resident; Amber Viola, human resources director, Scranton City Hall, Navy veteran, Pennsylvania Vets for Biden, and Marywood alumna; and Alexis Palys, Marywood University’s Student Government Association president.

Samantha Maloney, Scranton Inaugural Celebration committee member, said, “We decided to plan week-long events, culminating in the premiere of the ‘From Scranton to the White House: Scranton Inaugurates Joe Biden’ panel discussion, in partnership with Marywood University, as these planned events will offer a safe means for people to participate in the Inauguration in the absence of watch parties that traditionally take place.”

As part of the weeklong events planned, Marywood University’s School of Architecture and its music, theatre, and dance department constructed a Presidential podium. The podium is in front of Scranton’s City Hall and will serve as a place where children of all ages will be able to have their photograph taken as a commemoration of the 2021 Inauguration of a “Kid from Scranton.”

Marywood University’s Inaugural committee includes Helen Bittel, Ph.D., associate professor of English; Ann Cerminaro-Costanzi, Ph.D., associate professor of modern languages; Ernie Mengoni, director of broadcast operations and multimedia communication; Kate O’Connor, associate professor of architecture; Sister Mary Persico, IHM, Ed.D., president of the University; Erin Sadlack, Ph.D., professor of English; Adam Shprintzen, Ph.D., associate professor of history; Chris Speicher, Ph.D., associate professor of business; and Lindsey Wotanis, Ph.D., associate professor of multimedia communication.

For additional information about the premiere, “From Scranton to the White House: Scranton Inaugurates Joe Biden,” please visit, or contact Scranton Inaugural Celebration, at