The Positive Spot

Psychology Class Project Turns into Coping Tool for Community Members

Three Marywood University students, Marielle Carpentier, senior art therapy major, Dover, N.H.; Ellis Vogt, junior architecture major; Ephrata, Pa.; and Ashley Myers, junior art therapy major, Monroe, Conn., recently turned their Positive Psychology class project into a website, where community members can find positive news, helpful tips, and the ability to stay connected.

The students said, “With the current Coronavirus outbreak closing our physical school, our campus outreach program has, like everything else, gone digital. Now, more than ever, though, it seems people could benefit from strategies and activities they can do to boost their mental health and well-being.”  

While the website is connected to a class project, its goal of helping people during this difficult time is personal for Ms. Carpentier, Ms. Vogt, and Ms. Myers. In addition to providing positive blog information, the site also features a Resources and Information page where visitors can link to the Center for Disease Control, mental health organizations, and books written by psychologists.

David J. Palmiter, Jr., Ph.D., ABPP, professor in the Psychology and Counseling department at Marywood University, said, “I am blown away by how many science-based, helpful and creative ideas are listed for COVID coping. The students who created this website as part of a “Make the World a Better Place” project for their Positive Psychology course so well reflect the beauty of the students we serve.”

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For additional information visit Marywood University’s Psychology and Counseling department.