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Marywood Partners with Parker Dewey to Offer Micro-Internships

Marywood University’s Career Development Center has entered into a partnership with Parker Dewey, the largest freelance platform for college students and recent graduates. The platform enables Marywood University the opportunity to bring micro-internship opportunities, mostly virtual, to its students.

The Career Development Center at Marywood University acted quickly to provide students alternatives for internships during the current crisis. Parker Dewey’s Micro-Internship program connects students to its diverse network of companies and organizations to take on professional, paid, short-term assignments year-round. As a complement to existing campus recruiting efforts and semester-long internships, micro-internships provide opportunities for career launchers to demonstrate their skills, develop relationships, and explore career paths, while providing real value to businesses.

Christina Brundage, Ph.D., career engagement specialist at Marywood University said, “It is important for us to be able to bring micro-internship opportunities to our students to help with the challenges they are now facing with many internships being cancelled and with companies struggling to find ways to provide those opportunities.”

Alumni, community businesses, and national businesses will be able to create micro-internships for Marywood students through short-term projects that provide experiential learning opportunities and build key career skills. The aforementioned can also sign up to post these opportunities online through the University’s Parker Dewey page, at Students will be able to sign up with Parker Dewey free of charge and apply for paid micro-internships.

For additional information about Marywood University’s partnership with Parker Dewey, please visit the Career Development Center at the University, at, or call (570) 348-6247.