Marywood Launches Competitive Esports Program

Marywood University announced today that it will become one of a select number of colleges and universities across the nation to offer a competitive esports program. Marywood is responding to the ever-increasing number of students seeking this option, as the esports industry continues to explode throughout the country. Marywood University’s Board of Trustees recently approved a measure for the University to move forward with an Esports Program in fall 2021.

An inclusive activity, esports reaches many demographics and provides numerous options to students who are interested in playing both individual and team sports. Esports (also known as electronic sports) is organized, competitive video gaming. Marywood’s Esports program will compete in one of the Athletic Conferences, and Marywood will be the third regional university to offer an esports program.

Patrick Murphy, director of athletics and recreation at Marywood University, said, “We are extremely excited about the addition of esports here at Marywood as part of the athletics department. With the growing trend of esports in higher education, we are ready to be a part of this select group of institutions that offers esports, as it will further enhance the student experience.”

Marywood’s esports program will benefit both prospective students and the community by providing opportunities for students who are interested in playing a competitive sport and for employers who are seeking people with esports skills. Students in the program will also obtain practical skills that can be transferred across multiple disciplines.

Students will develop fluency in science, technology, and computer skills that will strengthen their reasoning and problem-solving capabilities and allow them to gain competencies that will be in great demand in a post-pandemic job market.