The Art Department Announces New Animation Minor

In 2020, Marywood University’s Art Department announced its new minor in Animation. The 18-credit minor can be added to any undergraduate degree. Students interested can fill out the Addition of Minor or Secondary Goal form. Courses in the minor include 2D and 3D animation, character design, and graphic narrative for storyboard, to name a few.

The animation minor is designed to benefit students across schools and disciplines. In the growing world of animation, special effects and motion graphics influence and interact with many other areas of study. This minor [Animation] serves students who are interested in learning animation fundamentals such as production methods, industry structure, project development, software techniques, and other key aspects of animation production.

An art minor is an attractive option for students majoring in studio art, illustration, design, or art therapy, as these programs already require up to 12 credits in art, which count toward the minor. An art minor is a natural complement to any studio art training, as well as graphic design, art history, art administration, and art therapy, strengthening the content and articulation of the student’s own art.

Additionally, an art minor helps students prepare for admission to graduate schools, leading to rewarding careers in the arts. Further, an art minor draws upon other disciplines to help students develop critical thinking and research skills. It’s the perfect complement to a major in history, art history, arts administration, English, philosophy, theatre, or any other program.

Animators are employed in several areas: film, television, advertising, mobile apps, editorial, 3D modeling, gaming, and more.