Sister Mary Persico pictured inside the the Marywood University School of Architecture.

Our Time is Now

Dear Marywood Community and Friends,

As I take time to reflect upon the core values that underscore the life-giving spring of our university, I am moved to single out the value that sets us apart from many other similar institutions – our catholic identity.

This core value is at times misinterpreted or misunderstood. Often the term “catholic” calls to our minds a narrow perspective that conjures up a set of rules or restrictions that focus on living a less than full life. On the contrary, the value catholic identity that we embrace challenges us to live in concert with the whole world in such a way that people thrive and earth flourishes. Our students resonate with the challenge of Catholic Social Teaching that calls for them to respond in justice to those who are poor and marginalized, and to stand with humans who are oppressed in any way. They come to know that it is imperative to steward the gifts of God’s abundant love for them ~ their time, talents and skills, the resources of earth, the environment, and all of creation. Most of all, they live into the belief that human dignity is the basis of all human rights. These concepts enliven their very humanity and bind them to each other and our community.

At this time in Marywood’s history, there are many bonds that strengthen us as an educational community.

Strong academic programs attract students, not only from Northeast Pennsylvania, but from many states and multiple foreign countries. These programs join an expert faculty with students who become lifelong learners and catalysts for positive change in the workforce of today and tomorrow. Coupled with impressive professional programs is a Liberal Arts curriculum that brings critical thinking, a moral compass, and spiritual depth to life in our Marywood graduates. Alumni, more than 32,000 strong, are engaged in the worlds of business, industry, education, health care, and service agencies where they lead with head and heart.

Our administration, faculty, staff, students, and alumni see the world through the lens of our catholic identity. When we bring our academic strength to bear on the complexities of our society, we make a difference that has meaning and works for the common good of all.

As we journey through our 105th year, a Marywood education is more compelling than ever. We deliver on a brand promise that we are a place where our students are engaged and inspired from day one, and where they stand at the crossroads between passion and purpose.

For all of us at Marywood University, our time is now.

We stand together, shaping our culture for a better world,