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Marywood to Assist Saudi Students with Easy Application and Transfer Process

In light of recent events, Marywood University understands that Saudi Arabian students who may have previously attended institutions in Canada may be in need of a University that will help them complete their degree. Please know that at Marywood University we are here each step of the way to assist you with your higher education goals.

At Marywood University, we will make the application and transfer process as easy as possible with an array of support services, including:

  • The Office of International Affairs is ready to assist students and welcome them to the campus community.
  • On-campus housing.
  • Saudi Student and International Clubs on campus to aid with transition.
  • A staff prepared to issue I-20s as soon as soon as the application process is complete.
  • An Intensive English Program to help strengthen reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills.
  • ESL and tutoring services are available to support students.

If you are ready to take the next step, please complete and submit the following:

  • A Free Online Application
  • Official transcripts from all previously attended higher education institutions
  • Citizenship/Visa Information
  • Proof of Financial Support

Marywood is also pleased to announce early open enrollment for a mid-semester start in our Intensive English Program (IEP) for students who have previously been enrolled in an academic program and wish to transfer to Marywood University.

For students who have missed the Fall 2018 semester start, the IEP will begin on October 29, 2018, giving students the advantage of not having to wait until the Spring 2019 semester to begin the IEP. Accepted students will complete a 7-week Intensive IEP on our campus, in preparation for the Spring 2019 semester.