Student Group Recognition

Mandatory Training and Planning Day at the beginning of every semester. Emails will be sent to the executive teams of each recognized organization at the start of every semester and 50% of the club is required to be in attendance to keep their club recognition.

Requirements to be a recognized club/organization will be discussed, as well as other information that will be needed throughout the academic year.

How to Start a New Club


It's easy to start a new club at Marywood! A few times throughout the semester an email will go out to the student body announcing the opening for submission to create a new club. Here are some guidelines to know about for creating a new club.

  1. Student organizations are meant to gather students with similar interests at Marywood. Therefore, to initiate a student organization, the creator must obtain 20 supportive signatures of currently enrolled Marywood students along with their Marywood email addresses and Pacer ID. A template for this is provided in the student body email. 
  2. Submit a purpose/mission statement highlighting the intention and goals of the student organization. The mission should not be similar to or match the purpose of another group on campus and should align with the mission and values of Marywood University. This is a portion of the New Student Organization Request Form and does not need to be resubmitted outside of that form.
  3. Student organizations are required to have a faculty/staff advisor. Selection of the advisor is done through the student organization but assistance can be provided by the Office of Student Engagement when requested. The advisor must be a member of the Marywood Community during their time of advisement. Advisors will be required to complete paperwork (Advisor Agreement) and attend a yearly Advisor Meeting.
  4. Submit a Student Organization Constitution. A sample constitution for student clubs/organizations to submit is provided in the student body email. This provides your group with a guideline to ensure consistency and fairness throughout the tenure of your group. Constitutions will be reviewed regularly and followed up upon throughout the year to ensure they are being followed.
  5. Once reviewed the student organization officers will meet with the Director of Student Engagement to review and discuss submission.

Any organization not recognized under the Office of Student Engagement will not be recognized under the current Student Government Association and therefore will not be eligible for university funding through SGA (unless otherwise approved).

Email with questions.

Club Re-Recognition

Each academic year, every student organization is required to re-recognize their club status and update their organization's information. This allows the Office of Student Engagement to keep up-to-date records.

To Re-Recognize your Organization:

  1. Update the respective Club/Organization roster, emailed to the club's Executive Board.
  2. Attend the Leadership and Planning Days hosted each semester (at least 50% of executive board).


Please note that all financial transactions (i.e. deposits, purchases, petty cash or check requisitions) must be approved by the Office of Student Engagement. All club accounts are under the supervision and management of the Office of Student Engagement. All purchases made with personal finances must be approved prior to request for reimbursement. Unapproved purchases may be at risk for non-reimbursement and/or non-approval of club fund usage.

Amazon Orders

Reminder: If your organization wishes to purchase anything through Amazon, the Office of Student Engagement must process the request for you. Fiscal Affairs will not reimburse you for Amazon orders that you place on your own. If you have any questions or concerns, please direct them to