Office of the Provost

IRB & ERC Training

CITI mandatory online training

All investigators, co-investigators, research assistants or advisors/sponsors (for student or outside researchers) must complete online training through the Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI). One course in human research is required. Other courses or individual modules may be required if applicable. See our Mandatory Training Policy for details.

Classroom training

Staff members are available to present to classes on topics such as human research ethics, submission requirements, CITI training, or IRBNet. 

IRBNet tutorial videos

We offer brief IRBNet Tutorial Videos, customized for Marywood University. Each lasts anywhere from one to four minutes and demonstrates specific tasks within the system. Each also coordinates with sections of our IRBNet Written Instructions.  Please contact or call 570-348-6211, x. 2418 for the password to access the videos.

IRBNet training workshops

Visit the IRB's homepage for announcements about IRBNet workshop offerings.

Track Changes: Written Instructions, Tutorial Video, and Workshops

As the IRB and ERC require that all modifications to research submissions must be tracked in word processing software, we offer both Tracking Instructions and a Tutorial Video showing how to apply this feature in Microsoft Word. Please contact or call 570-348-6211, x. 2418 for the video's password.

Alternatively, you may contact the Technology Help Desk in User Support Services to arrange word processing training or inquire about its workshop offerings.

Note that if your device does not have a full version of Microsoft Word with the tracking feature, use a campus or satellite location's computer lab. All labs are equipped with full versions of the program and allow tracking to be enabled. If you are a MU student, you may also contact the Technology Help Desk to arrange for a software license.