The Core Values of Marywood University: Then and Now


Marywood's Core Values, formulated by the Marywood University Community in 2003-2004, were reviewed by the Board of Trustees and approved by the President of the University on April 17, 2004. In this, Marywood's 90th year, we reflect upon Marywood's representation of those Core Values since 1915. This exhibit features a sampling of the archives from Marywood's rich history. 

  1. Photograph of a graduate at Marywood's 86th Annual Conferring of Degrees, Wachovia Arena, May 9, 2004.
  2. Photograph of the I.H.M. Motherhouse, built in 1902 and destroyed in a fire in 1971. The concrete circle and walkways of the Memorial Commons commemorate the site of this, the original Marywood College building.
  3. Marywood University. Video for prospective students, produced by the Undergraduate Admissions Office. 1997.
  4. Photograph of Yolanda King, M.F.A., at Marywood's 84th Annual Conferring of Degrees, May 12, 2002. Ms. King, the eldest child of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., delivered the Commencement Address.
  5. Photograph of Sister Mary Reap, I.H.M., President of the University, at Marywood's 84th Annual Conferring of Degrees, May 12, 2002.

    Catholic Identity

  6. The current Campus Ministry Brochure: Welcome to Campus Ministry.

  7. Photograph of students at prayer in O'Reilly Hall Chapel. In 1964, O'Reilly Hall became known as Regina Hall.

  8. Photograph of the Marywood Arch, dedicated in 1902.

  9. Campus Ministry Poster: Principles of Catholic Social Teaching.

  10. "A Spiritual Journey" Brochure. Sponsored by the Marywood Alumni Association and the School of Continuing Education's Institute of Contemporary Spirituality, A Spiritual Journey to Italy took place February 27 through March 6, 2005. The trip included visits to important places in the life of St. Alphonsus Liguori, patron saint of the I.H.M. Sisters and Marywood University, to celebrate the 90th Anniversary of Marywood.

  11. Our Lady of Marywood Statue.

  12. Photograph of Marywood College Faculty, May 1942. Pictured left to right: Sister Maria Walter, Sister Lucretia, Sister M. Ethelbert, Sister M. Dionysia, Sister M. Daniel, Sister Cuthbert, Sister St. Agnes, Sister M. Benedictus, Sister Norberta, Sister Denis, Sister Gregory, and Sister Immaculata Gillespie, first Dean of the College.

    Respect for Each Person

  13. The current Marywood University Arboretum Brochure. Marywood became an arboretum by its own declaration in 1975 and was officially named as an arboretum in 1997. The Arboretum serves as an aesthetic and scholarly resource for the community and recognizes the value of the wood of Marywood, both as a study area and a place of beauty.

  14. Photograph from Sophomore Parents' Weekend, Nazareth Hall, November 15, 1981.

  15. "'Remember the Children,' Marywood Grads Told." Scranton Tribune 14 May 1990. 12. In 1990, Pennsylvania's First Lady, Ellen Harding Casey, delivered the Undergraduate Commencement address and received Marywood's first Honorary Doctorate.

  16. Photograph from Mural Painting Project at Lackawanna County Prison, April 30, 1982. Pictured left to right: Sister Cor Immaculatum Heffernan, I.H.M., Jane Crabtree, and Tony Reilly.

  17. Plaque from the President and faculty of the University of Scranton, on the occasion of the 40th Anniversary of Marywood College, recognizing the presence of Mary, Mother of God, at Marywood, 1956.

  18. "Responding with Love to the Cries of the World: The Sisters, Servants of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Scranton, Pennsylvania " Brochure.

  19. The current Marywood University School of Continuing Education Study Abroad Resource Center (SARC) Brochure.

  20. Marywood University Music Department Summer Music Camp Ensemble Concert CD, July 23, 2004. The Marywood Music Camp is a two-week summer program for students in grades 7-12, to strengthen their understanding and performance skills in music, theatre and dance.

  21. Photograph from Father-Daughter / Mother-Son Dinner Dance, Nazareth Hall, April 17, 1982.


  22. Portraits of Marywood College Class of 1932.

  23. The University of Scranton Chapter of Phi Delta Kappa Certificate of commendation to Sister Mary Reap, I.H.M., for outstanding leadership in the education of the people of Northeastern Pennsylvania and their progenies, April 27, 1990.

  24. Photograph of a student reading in a dorm room in O'Reilly Hall, 1929.

  25. Father Edgar J. Schmiedeler Award to a Women's College for its Effective Program on Marriage and the Family.

  26. Enlarged photocopy of Mt. St. Mary's, Marywood College, from a portion of a map of Scranton, dated 1918. Under Mother M. Cyril Conway, I.H.M., construction began for the I.H.M. Motherhouse and Mount St. Mary's Seminary, a high school, which opened on September 8, 1902. Mother Cyril later acquired strong support for the establishment of Marywood College. She chose the name "Mount St. Mary of the Immaculate Conception" for the Green Ridge campus. The map includes the outline of the I.H.M. Motherhouse.

  27. Sketch of Marywood College Campus, circa 1960.

  28. Marywood University Campus Guide, 2002.

  29. Photograph of Kurt Brown, Lynett Medalist, May 11, 1982.

  30. The current Marywood University Career Services Brochure.

  31. Plaque presented to Sister St. Mary [Orr], I.H.M., member of the first graduating class of Marywood College (1917) and later the 8th President of the College (1961-1970), by Northeastern Pennsylvania Optometric Society, in recognition of her contributions to the visual welfare of the community, October 16, 1968.

  32. Photograph of Lynda Krehbiel Little, soloist, performing at "Music at Marywood" in Marywood Commons, July 1, 1982. William Weber is conducting the band.


  33. Photographs from KIDSTUFF, a mini-carnival for four-, five-, and six-year-olds from low-income families in the Scranton area and for the children of all Marywood faculty, staff and administration, April 24, 2004. KIDSTUFF is organized by Collegiate Volunteers, sponsored by Campus Ministry. On loan from Campus Ministry.

  34. (Above) I.H.M. Vicennial Award, acknowledging the greatness of the contributions of our Sisters, Servants of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, who have served Marywood College for 20 or more years, bestowed by Marywood College upon Sister M. Cuthbert Donovan, October 17, 1975. (Below) Marywood College Board of Trustee Resolution expressing gratitude for the services to higher education of Sister M. Cuthbert Donovan, I.H.M. Ph.D. April 24, 1971.

  35. Sister Theresa Maxis, I.H.M., Service Award, given to staff members in grateful appreciation for 20 years of service to Marywood University.

  36. Photograph of students volunteering at St. Francis Kitchen, Scranton, 2003. Pictured left to right: Meaghan Shanahan and Meghan Mileski. On loan from Campus Ministry.

  37. Plaque: The Globe and Estee Lauder recognize Sister M. Coleman Nee, I.H.M., ninth President of Marywood College (1970-1988), for outstanding service as a "Star Achiever" in Northeastern Pennsylvania, 1986.

  38. The current Campus Ministry Brochure: Service Opportunities.

  39. The Scranton Chapter of the American Red Cross certificate of appreciation to Marywood College for recruiting the highest number and attaining the greatest percentage of new blood donors in a single visit of the Bloodmobile on the campus, April 15, 1964. Presented October 17, 1964.

    Commitment to Excellence

  40. Kappa Gamma Pi Charter to Marywood College, a founding college, 1950. Kappa Gamma Pi is a national honor society for college students.

  41. Marywood Challenge Cup, Northeast Chapter March of Dimes Birth Defects Foundation. 1981.

  42. "Art + Business = Opportunity : CCAM Students Win $50,000 in Cash and Services." Impressions 2 (2004): 12.

  43. The Bay Leaf, in recognition of its merit, is awarded All-American Honor Rating in the Tenth National Magazine Critical Service of the National Scholastic Press Association at the University of Minnesota, Department of Journalism, June 3, 1930.

  44. Dallas Kiwanis Festival of Music First Prize Trophy, awarded to Anna Marie Garstka and Francesca Capelletti, 1973.

  45. "Marywood Acquires Status of University." The Scranton Times 18 Apr. 1997. Pictured is George V. Lynett, Chair of the Board of Trustees, unveiling the Marywood University Logo.

  46. Medal of the Order Cor Mariae-Pro Fide et Cultura. Membership in the Order is ordinarily awarded to full-time faculty and administrators who will have completed 20 cumulative full-time years of service to Marywood.

  47. Campus College Bowl Trophy, awarded to Mary Margaret Harris, Mary Ann Mentzer, Katherine McNamara, Patricia Nelligan, Sandra Savulis, and Susan Gallagher. 1966.

  48.  "Marywood Receives Alden Trust Grant." The Sunday Times 18 July 2004. B3. 

The Records Management and Archives Department is grateful for contributions to this exhibit by

Sister Catherine Luxner, I.H.M., Director of Campus Ministry
Mr. John Meza, M.F.A., Assistant Professor of Art
Ms. Julie Balon, Media Acquisitions Clerk